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  1. 14 years of of clanning history only to lose to LY. Nice! lol
  2. Dill how are you still talking shit bro. Rage took the life out of your clan.
  3. All @DilLwants for Christmas is a cheerleading outfit with FOE colors.

  4. A bitch is someone who submits to daddy. Last time I checked @DilLyour clan was Rage's bitch.

    1. Mustafa


      Last time i checked u went from 90-50 pulls even tho u slave recruit every week

      Last time i checked we turned ur honour clan to a main clan just so u can compete

      Last time i checked supremacy is still averaging 60 pulls with 0 effort


      Ask urself, whos really winning the rivalry? l0l0l0

  5. Rage is the hot girl of the pure scene. Every1 wants a piece of her. Every1 wants her attention.

    1. Ir0ny


      *posts status on social media about how hot they are

    2. ChrisVision


      Only because she is easy

  6. Nice vid. Cam up mfrs. A lot of you all hide behind those keyboards. Rage voted #1 best looking clan two years in a row . We going for year 3 bb.
  7. nice propaganda -. still waiting for foe and sup m edge topic
  8. "never cheat never lie final ownage till I die".... ok bro. cringe ass clan.
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