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  1. yo dill, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up like you did for half a year. You know what we can do to you should we choose to.
  2. 15 year clan VS 1 year old clan. Time for Remy to step down.
  3. 15 years of nothing.

  4. let's see fo throw a free style rap. They aint got the balls! Rage TS fun unlike foe.
  5. Foe desperate for content. Trav is the shit and I'm glad he came back. And I'm glad we allowed him back.
  6. Thanks Foe for the D claws elder maul and staff of light

  7. Foe salty they getting no action lol. Let's see how long their members put up with Foe's acitonless shit trips.
  8. Foe had the worst action out of all clans and they call it a win. Remy gonna bore his clan to death. 

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