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  1. you haven't hyped up in a while lol

    Apex is getting so fucked that even BSA isn't able to muster up propaganda


  2. your clan is getting smoked by everyone. The only clan you're bending over is FI and that's because they let you role play daddy in the clan wars bedroom. See you in wildy kid.
  3. Imagine defending a rat. GG Rage. 



    1. LMFAO ragetality

      LMFAO ragetality


  4. Rat clan defending rat bitch. Keep
  5. everything I said about Brazil is true Lol why are you mad? The almighty dollar goes further down there. Don't be mad kid.
  6. Rage so weak they now starting rivalries with single individuals rather than clans. They going to lose on that front as well. 

  7. its my response topic to their 4 page lawsuit.
  8. Never even thought of her like that. I'll show entire chat logs. She was only good for one thing. Cheap and fast training services. I'm not into big girls.
  9. I am making the world a better place. I encourage you to donate as well brother.
  10. I remained friends with a handful of people in Rage after leaving to include one I thought I could trust to continue doing services for my account. Unfortunately I was scammed 400 mil. I am therefore asking for donations... I mean... I am giving big dick Donos out! ...This incident made me realize that there are many people out there in need... I figured I'd continue onwards with this Act of Giving. I have therefore gone ahead and donated to the following charities. YES THIS IS REAL. I wipe my ass with 400 mil and I hope that 3rd world country bitch can feed her little Pablito so he doesnt succumb to sickle cell. They can survive for 10 years with that kind of money in Brazil + she likes to eat from what I hear and imported Twinkies aren't cheap down there. LIST OF CHARITYS & DONATIONS: 1. Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation / Amount: $50 In honor of Jizzle. Top priority. Your face with my money, we will raise awareness brother. 2. Lipedema Foundation / Amount: $50 In honor of Fairy310/Sara Kacz the scammer. First appointment is free with them! 3. Foundation Substance Recovery Network / Amount: $50 In honor of @Broxxx. RS wouldn't be the same without you Broxxy so we need you to stick around. Don't scare us like that again. 4. Child Choose Foundation / Amount: $25 In honor of @BvG: You are almost there BVG. Just a few more testosterone pills to get your voice fixed and you'll be a real boy. 6. Global Down Syndrome Foundation / Amount: $1 In honor of Rag Sets. @Rag Sets With love, Your Daddy and provider BSA ❤️ P..S. Hosting "Got Scammed" Drop Party for Apex on Sunday. Tell the Vennies to pull through. @Fairy310
  11. lmfao you're saying "well she scammed you but its not that much"
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