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  1. 25 clan friends, mains, and Dill Pickles paying people to fight for you guys lmfao. Sup is a joke. Rage fights down opts bc we are ballers. Sup does 2 on 1s even when they have 15+ opts.
  2. Gratz. You post propaganda forums. We kill your children. There are awards for everything nowadays I guess.
  3. Just because you say you won doesn't mean shit. Lmfao we have video of every clean fight vs you and you got slapped around every time. LY IS SUPS KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. NO LY NO SUP. NO MAINS NO SUP. Keep posting propaganda because it only makes you look stupid when we post the real shit with video. Also the rage and garbage comment. Wtf lol. So cringe. Doesn't even flow bro. @DilLKeep paying people to fight for you lolllololololololoolol.
  4. No mains no sup. couldn't be more evident when you guys can't hang on member servers on sundays lolololol.
  5. Word on the street is Sups members are starting to question the bs that’s being fed to them.
  6. No mains no sup. I compare Sup to North Korea. Their leadership tells them they are the best and keeps them from the truth. They lie to them about their performance and about how their opponents are disgraceful. But their members are starting to question their leaders’ claims. How the fuck did they feel today when they were all at the bank after teleing out and started spamming “Rage cleared” only to have big dick Rage show up minutes later after the fight had actually ended (due to Rage wiping everyone off the map). Lmfao, the truth will set you free Sup members. I recommend reading the Plato’s Cave allegory. Rage is the truth, Rage is the way.
  7. I like how Sup likes to bump our numbers to make it seem like we had even ops and claims we bring mains to fight their pures. 1. You didn’t break Rage. You started 15 up with mains on pures and we fought and maintained ops until Sup realized our numbers weren’t going anywhere. Good try but you will never zero out Rage.
  8. lmfao that shit was funny. Stretched mode low performance bb. I prefer the pixelated look when interacting with Sup members so I don't have to look at their ugly ass faces.
  9. "Edgi sand crab recruits." More like "H_88 sand crab recruits." They taking notes @Edgi.
  10. Hello Reality. Please add me to your target list. ORSN: B S A. It will be a pleasure tanking your orphans. Also, it's just a game bud. No need to get so angry. LLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLLLOOOOLOLOOLOLOOLOL
  11. Sure would be a shame if a clan that never closed..........no, that could never happen. Right? *Gulp*Gulp* All this Apex predator bullshit. Go watch some animal planet and see whose the actual alpha out in the wilderness.
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