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  1. Leave the Rage to Us🐻

  2. Lmfao yes! I love how butt hurt people are getting lol. This gif is a gift from me to him for his recent accomplishment of leaving the worst clan in the scene. Enjoy it bro!
  3. Also, @Mustafa can suck a big fn cock. The dude broke after a 30 minute banter chat with me and rage quit the convo. H_88 would fn go weeeeekkks going at it with me. @Mustafayou have less endurance than a 14 year old virgin boy.
  4. Straight up bro. I've been saying this for some time, YOU'VE WAKEN UP. H_88 took the fucking red pill and left The Matrix behind. H_88 fucking crossed dangerous borders to escape Kim Jung 3at out of North Korea. H_88 listened to Socrates and realized that those shadows on the cave's were bullshit and that life outside the cave was better. Respect man. I know that you were a good member for Sup and its their loss. You would fn banter it off with me for weeks you little fuck... lol. Clans need ppl that are passionate like that. Move on and best f luck.
  5. no way in hell is 3at calling. Motherfucker doesn't know north from south.
  6. winning topic. Just rewatched the POV. Straight definition of smoked.
  7. It's simple. Rush our pures with 40 mains in your fall in....get 150 mains on your ass. Simple. Very.

    1. Halal.


      You seem like a rat bro pipe down go outside or something lol 

    2. B S A
  8. Welcome to Ragebrew!

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