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  1. all credits go to @Ham for this amazing meme
  2. very sad to see ir bring 100+ mains in order to compete only to lose to supremacy's 100 pures
  3. Leading

    pure lol ir

    thank u next
  4. Leading

    pure lol ir

    pls keep commenting on my topics make me very popular yes!!!
  5. Leading

    pure lol ir

    would take this comment seriously if you didn't have an apex sig lmfao
  6. imagine being ir and losing to your rivals for 4 hours straight l0l
  7. touch the grass if you got perfected in a 100v100 on your anniversary

  8. Leading

    gz fs ez 4 fs

    Thank you Tannie, very cool!
  9. oh hey ur in that clan that ended in 40 mins today
  10. Leading

    Supremacy's Z Squad vs Apex P2P Unit 2-0

    sorry nobody wants to play your private server bud l000l p server prods these days sheesh
  11. Leading

    Supremacy's Z Squad vs Apex P2P Unit 2-0

    didn't you come from rsps lmfao? can you please recommend some for me man based off of your experience? l0l
  12. Leading

    Supremacy's Z Squad vs Apex P2P Unit 2-0

    i'll say the same thing to you if you finally get more than 2 pics on your preferred server trips pic dump LOL
  13. Leading


    i'd show anyone from ir the true meaning of muay thai, krav manga and jujitsu .