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  1. Wasn't jizzle the entire reason bvgs life got posted a couple weeks back too? L0l
  2. this kid backstabbed his own friends, wrote a novel and is now crying on sharkbrew? l0000l
  3. still waiting on those logs... any day now also pretty sure half the people in supremacy who mini had you muted in all our minis cause we’d rather have dead air than listen to your cringe ass voice trying to call l0l
  4. I’d love to see the logs of me trying to join your mini team but you’re probably just delusional. Expected coming from someone who got bullied out of supremacy by vilchez LMFAO
  5. been pure clanning for 12 years and never have I ever joined a mini team what makes you think I’d want to join team brief l0l pls try harder when coming up with lies don’t try to pipe up and think you have any influence in any clan you’ve ever been in dumbass slave recruiter lmfao
  6. Nobody believes your cringe ass lies meanwhile you went mia for a week cause I called you a 1bang lmfao
  7. l000l about time you left for good retard remember when I made you go mia for a week knew you would never last in supremacy and I’m glad you finally are some other clans problem
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