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  1. Why do we call all our high lvl pure clans LPC? I think it should be changed back to HPC seeing as most clans have many 90s and 100s.

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    2. Ace'


      Should just call it Pure Scene

    3. cade


      @Trajanmakes sense!

    4. Brock


      i hade tried to help open a new scene like it was 2k16 75cb- ish but no other clans wanted to follow 

  2. Got a baby pure? Join in on the fun in the new xlpc scene! Loads of action and continuing to grow! Pm Cade#5582 on discord to join Astro! 

  3. If you remember me HMU. Trying to see where all my past clanmates are. Building a new pure and coming back to the scene ;)

    1. Viikings


      YooLT Sam/H00dzz remembers u. Come chill in discord Viikings#9076 to join legacy bro

  4. Gf glen and Abraham

  5. s/o to the boys from imp for the b2b 50 V 50 champs!

  6. Let's all just turn into rune pure or zerk clans ;)

    1. 0ldschooler


      CP cant be saved by any means =/

    2. notRordarok


      Heard EOP is mass training 39 defence lmao

    3. robbyy


      i'm gonna look real big and fucking scary @Whatarethoooooseeeee

  7. Notorious big, tupac, snoop dogg, 50 cent, ludacris,Eminem, etc... All those are top 15 ever
  8. cade

    Cade intro

    Hey ham your bad caller mate
  9. cade

    Cade intro

    Yes @don it is Cade from imperial
  10. cade

    Cade intro

    What's up... So I'm thinking about comming back should I or should I stay away from the cancerous community? And if so what clans should I be in. I'm mostly looking for clans with old friends and such
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