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  1. Main Text: Brock Any Random Text: The KING Under Brock Color Scheme (Black,White,Purple,Yellow, etc): Black background yellow main color Describe what you want in a sentence:with any osrs char in the background
  2. good luck to everyone who is post apps great thing for all the scenes!
  3. active in the discord and a nice guy from what i see best of luck!
  4. best of luck on your journey i hope it goes well.
  5. Both great clans used to be in veng in 2k16 res was going good couple months ago idk what happend but either way keep up both your work build the zerk scene again brothers!
  6. Love F2P Warring?

    Join Outbreak xLPC

    "Outbreak rs" CC

  7. kkkarmas a hoe 🤡
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  9. Want To Join the #1 most active xlpc community? Join Our Discord! https://discord.gg/VczYhbY
  10. Outbreak - Most active, Most Hated baby

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