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  1. Lethal Is Here.


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    2. Brock


      @N uts acki wasnt in there i merged my clan with jay into it called its dead on sight and i didnt really wanna clan so i left

    3. Apocalypse
    4. DilL
  2. I always been a Legend.


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      Im legend...not you

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      are u foe? if not then idk what you mean

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  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ On this Glorious Tuesday we got Intel that the newly merged clan Apocalypse was out in our wild so we swiftly massed up 20 shooters peaking at 26 to smoke this clan in 2 hits before there Leader raged and got off leaving his incapable ranks to do so making them crumble.
  4. so i decided to make a community discord for all my friends who were in ascent or in the community please welcome your self into it! :heart: https://discord.gg/4xeRPBq

    1. Ace Krave

      Ace Krave

      This is a sign of energy dieing

  5. On this Energized Saturday we MASSED up 40 peaking at 42 all day to smoke IMT Divine and AC. After a short while, we got intel at the imt hq that they have 3 snipe teams in their capes (yikes) So we set up a clean fights with Divine where IMT crashed so we bullied them to end there trip then kept on with our setup return fight ultimately where we stood our ground and beat them in a clean 30 min + fight GF Divine after that pushing AC back into there shells in Lumbrige. Pm Brock#4834 on discord to make quick $$$ @zig POV
  6. so i decided to make a community discord for all my friends who were in ascent or in the community please welcome your self into it! :heart:https://discord.gg/4xeRPBq

  7. yeah with give the pulse of energy with my spark plugs to they nipples
  8. u ended what can i say i impacted your shit ttrip l0l
  9. so i decided to make a community discord for all my friends who were in ascent or in the community please welcome your self into it! :heart: https://discord.gg/4xeRPBq

  10. On this Wonderful Wednesday we pulled 16 spark plugs maintaining about 18 shooters to smoke the wild. We heard our pets at BT massed up to fight XL so we had to do a quick mass to hit them and quickly pushed them off the map moving south to hit xl pushing them to south fog where they gave up and teled out. GF to BT and XL. Dm Brock#4834 to setup events or make quick GP. snipergang1k pov
  11. Brock

    weekend Energy a "Walk In The Park" Sunday

    wouldve been fair if atl 3hit ac uf wasnt in there cape
  12. Website: https://clan-nrg.com TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTuCPc On the last Sunday of the month of January, 40 Godkings massed up to take over the scene and once again prove that no one can compete on Energy's level. Thank you @Jens for the beautiful pov
  13. Today Energy massed up 34 Quality Clanners later peaking at 39 Fully charged Men to take on the wilderness and whoever was in it. After a convincingly dominate week of events we knew today would be filled with the same action , Knowing it was blitz opening trip we set out to welcome them to the scene. We started our saturday off with intel informing us of Divine and Immortal fighting at corp. As soon as arrows started to fly we set the tone of the fight by rushing in from the east and quickly dropping Immortals numbers. Xl rushed us from our flank so we turned around with aggresive scims and quickly deleted them from our wilderness. After clearing out xl we turned our attention back to immortal to the north and again dropped many of there opts before dipping out to get our next hit. Intel informed us again that Divine and Immortal would be fighting around 18 ports so we quickly rushed in from the west and dropped 15 opts in the matter of seconds, with our quality memberbase we were able to hold our own down 16-17 opts and were unphased when immortal turned on us. we went back and forth in the cluster for a little bit before we dipped off to get a fight with blitz. The day was filled with awkward fights that didnt last very long, we encountered blitz west of fog and quickly eliminated them forcing them into singles. we regrouped at southeast graves to find blitz again with similar opts and asked them to fight. they accepted and we defended on 13 ports . the fight lasted all of 3 minutes where our superior quality dictated exactly how the fight would go . blitz retreated to singles so we claimed our Win. Ty for the homies who stayed for all the smoke Welcome to the Scene Blitz. And shoutout to Immortal for pulling a whopping 29 members and convincing 24 3Shitters to come in the capes lmfao Snipergang1k pov