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  1. On this fine Thursday night, Newly week and a half old TF decided to have a pkri one day in advance with terror to give our new members the experience of clanning pulling a fat 25 peaking 27. Sadly to say, Terror lied about opts and had 7-8 more then us but we made what we could of it. second fight was crashed by many other lpc clans such as apex, Z and it turn into a ragged, med war fest. win or lose action is action. ty 4 the action and hope to see ya in the future.
  2. in the process of being a clan it dont take 1 day you kno, why the discouragement
  3. PM to take rank in a new lpc

  4. V lasted like 5 mins in the first hit.. after that theyre was no point in me being there. terror was going to smoke them all day.
  5. lol k2p as leader.. very cringe... i wonder who is leaking this adm logs....
  6. fi only post when they got a good topic, anyways gz. btw wars is a weird guy lol
  7. this flower kid should took this too seriously... he must not have a job lol
  8. pm if interested in taking rank in a new in the rise lpc.

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