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  1. @K0edknows his clan is dieing he needs anything to make banter. It's a matter of time before bp is fry like Kentucky fried chicken. Yumm.

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    2. I Eat Xans
    3. Chillax


      i hope english isnt your first language

    4. FLOWER


      @K0edyour leader is demoralised and your ranks are at breaking point l0000000000000l

  2. Super weak banter hahahahahahahahahaahhahaha nice try tho. Ty 4 the +5 dudes for my xlpc for a discord leak pm lmfaoooo
  3. Blood unit will win. Hopefully you can pay up full 200m and not give excuses to lower the pay lmfaooo btw ur clan is caca
  4. It was orginally 200m, he lowered it as a excuse to not pay the full 200m because he's poor irl.. lmfao
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