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Found 12 results

  1. Friday May 14th, 2021 | F2P Pkri vs. Soupremacy + Zenith | www.terror-rs.com On this Friday night, Terror Wolf members were pre-gaming and getting ready for the clubs as most of us had VIP section reservations with full bottle service. On average we were all about 6 and a half drinks deep when we gotten intel that sup is about to have a F2P Pkri vs Zenith at Falador. Glad that they finally had to courage to come out, marking their first midweek in 5 months, but they forgot they weren't allowed to Pk! First and foremost, which sup member cashed out in a 15 man pull? Secondly, how the fuck did you pull 15 after hyping up this event the entire week l0000l. We quickly gathered the stumbling wolf gang members, and with only 5 minutes to mass, we were able to gather 20 drunk wolves with just 1 highlight. A 15v15 right next to single lines at falador bank was tough to watch, so we logged in on top of sup and ended it immediately - snaring and killing multiple rats who didn't react fast enough to run to singles. The next 15 minutes consisted of us dd'd behind a tree in multi while sup stood in singles with matched opts while mass highlights/pokes went off in their discord/ts but unfortunately they weren't able to gain a single opt. We then baited them south and they finally came into multi after coordinating with Zenith to 2v1 us. Lets just say that did NOT work at all, as we baited them even further west into multi and got a FULL clear on them, forcing @3atto call 'capes off and run into singles!'. We chased these rats every step of the way and ended their event - reminding them why they haven't had a midweek Pkri in months. We laughed all the way to the bank, and that's when Zenith spammed us for a fight. Knowing we have to defend our F2P Belt, we gladly went into multi slaughtering them extremely quickly, forcing them into singles. Not to mention, multiple sup members took off their capes to wear Zenith's. They made a few different attempts to regroup to full opts, and re-rushing - but the same results happened each and every time (terror winning ofc). Good fight. @Supremacy ccfeel free to re-submit your appeal for your permanent wilderness ban. Thanks. ~ Terror's Directors ~ ♪ Sniper Koala ♪
  3. " In Times of War the Law Fall Silents " It only took 15 SPARTANS to scare ZENITH from coming out. 15 SPARTANS = 30 ZENITH, We've said it before we'll say it again. The wilderness does not belong to you, you PK when we say it's okay to PK. When we say bark, you fucking sit because you're slow doggies, but you're still good doggies. Gf FTV & Persian 12s Group
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality set-up a 15 v 15 with JS tonight at Boneyard, instead Zenith decided to show up with 25. Within minutes Zenith got cleared hard by Fatality...... getting smited for multiple +1's and clapped out with them not eating their food. After getting wrecked so hard, Zenith were reduced to returning in 1 item and no capes. Fatality took our W and ended with 25. Nice failure Zenith. Stop fronting, dead clan. @JustinF POV @Stonecoldpkr POV
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord This Thursday Fatality headed out with 20 shooters for a GMT PK Trip. Fatality PKed for 4 hours, destroying med / main teams at 26 Hill / Slayer Caves including luring a few to 50 ports and taking PH for some tomes at 26 hill. Towards the end of our PK trip, Blunt Purez hit us back for a PKRI for a 30 minute 15 v 15 fight. The fight started at west bandits shifting towards east of bandits, going back and forth. Thanks for the PKRI, BP. Stella POV: Sonic POV:
  6. Feels good knowing LY wins with just LY Members. Dumb doggy Zenith heard we were out and begged their daddys SV & EZ to help them. Must suck knowing you cant mass past 10 People so you gotta pay a main clan to fight your battles. Just anothaa day for Z in another merged CC claiming fake wins. Only killed 1 person when we seen them trying to log in on us LMAO TRY AGAIN NEXT WEEK. Id say see ya tomorrow... but.. we all know you'll be hiding in CWA with your tee ball league. l0000000000lza
  7. Today TERROR BIG COCKIN IT went out with 13 BIG DICKIN ALPHA COCK WOLVES. We ran into some FUCKIN PEDOPHILES AND TOOK TO SOME OLD FASHION CITIZENS ARRESTING, VIOLATING THEIR BUTTHOLES DOWN 35. Afterward we decided to waterboard c00okies and questioned his status as a male nurse working as a circumcizor for young jewish boys. He said it was his dream job. Sick fuck. Get chokeslammed no rm how do u lose up 35 l0l0zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. https://zenith-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/6104-thursday-4-hour-loot-feast-ft-smoking-venom-blunt-pures/ Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We caught Venom slacking and cleared them up, We cleared up Blunt Pures when we found them. We spend the next 3 hours running a train through randoms in bank loot. Post pics.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 20 Zenith Members to kill everyone in the wilderness, We cleared every active PK location and made bank loot. Fought TK and smoked them, Fought Sup and smoked them, Killed victims for bank.
  10. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We mnassed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 22 Zenith Members to destroy the wilderness, We ended up Pking for 4 hours and had a couple fights against Venom & Elite Zerks. We made bank loot, Thanks everyone who showed up. Post Pictures.
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard Legashit was out with more than 10, So we quickly massed up the exact same opts as them and went up to Lava Dragons, We baited them all into a world by loggin one med in, After that we came with hell fire barrages from the east and LY instantly started to flee west. We caught them in massive clumps and started to transition through them west. We fully pushed them to mossies and than to edgeville. We flamed them and hopped to their next 3 worlds.
  12. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 shooters and went for a wilderness stroll, We ended up running into a couple meds and mains and cleared them up. We fought Vengeance at CA and eventually Elite Zerks crashed and we left. We cleared Legacy in a 1V1 AGAIN!!! and ended up clearing Final Ownage Elites. Thanks to everyone who showed up. @Elve POV
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