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  1. grats on the opening trip guys, good action. always good to see a new clan out!
  2. lmao u sound like that conservative conspiracy theorist on twitter getting 29 replies and 2 likes also sup shud have more votes!
  3. ur smarter than this man just say all the clans that help you are useless and you paid 40 vennies cuz u were scared as fuck. I saw 65 actual Rage at the trip bro it's not lookin good. dont follow the propaganda so hard lmao
  4. u had evan singing the same song over n over bro u cant comment on this
  5. yeah i remember rage being down 40 when we hit, was easy as fuck to kill them too all day
  6. weird how ur clan is shown with more mains than them and u wanted to point him out lmfao
  7. i remember shitting on your clan for 20 minutes from sperm hill to west of CA and you not getting above 45 ingame wasnt hard btw
  8. you feel bad for them and then u remember they wanted this l0l
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