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  1. sup kyle

    Nawe wins again

    ur like 6-20 in preps in 2019 and u have 3 weekend topics in 4 months bro what the fuck are u breaking l0000000000000l
  2. sup kyle

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep [2-1] [35v35]

    gf fi was fun
  3. sup kyle

    lmfao rot was ez btw

    ah yes...
  4. sup kyle

    midweek Purge VS Intense Redemption 2-0 ~ 20 vs 20

    grats purge very easy 4 u
  5. sup kyle

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P Prep [2-1] [37v37]

    ty for fight family
  6. agree sup big winner
  7. sup kyle

    cwa Fatality vs Apex 2-1 F2P Prep [40v40]

    easy for family grats
  8. sup kyle

    Zo Rage

    your brain has critical damage
  9. sup kyle

    ir/apex lol

    someone hacked my sb acct
  10. sup kyle

    ir/apex lol

    Why did apex and ir ban themselves off sharkbrew, are they afraid of their members seeing the truth? IR losing 18 straight rounds, bringing 60 mains on bots in black helms/monk tops, refusing to prep for over a year. 135v180 ingame and you still lost and ended with 35 on discord l0l0l. Apex brought mains to hit FOE, refuse to prep SUP and now are officially banned from using Sharkbrew?? Main clans can use Sharkbrew too now! Cmon guys!