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  1. sry ur clan is dead bro not my problem show me u dominating l0000000000000000000l
  2. this awkward af rn..
  3. sup kyle

    Hi there

  4. sup kyle

    cwa [SB Tourny] Supremacy vs Rage | P2P 20v20 [3-0]

    was close gf
  5. thanks come home babygirl u guys missed out
  6. ima pound that ass daddy u trippin dawg we've lost like 2 f2p preps this year
  7. sup kyle

    Nawe wins again

    ur like 6-20 in preps in 2019 and u have 3 weekend topics in 4 months bro what the fuck are u breaking l0000000000000l
  8. sup kyle

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep [2-1] [35v35]

    gf fi was fun
  9. sup kyle

    lmfao rot was ez btw

    ah yes...
  10. sup kyle

    midweek Purge VS Intense Redemption 2-0 ~ 20 vs 20

    grats purge very easy 4 u
  11. sup kyle

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P Prep [2-1] [37v37]

    ty for fight family
  12. agree sup big winner
  13. sup kyle

    cwa Fatality vs Apex 2-1 F2P Prep [40v40]

    easy for family grats