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  1. sup kyle

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    imagine being in apex and chiming in please prep us b4 u talk shit lmfao
  2. sup kyle

    2v2 fullout?

    cp member what prep requests? l0l0l
  3. go watch our vid l0l0l0l IR got fucking rolled all day eop is legit dumb
  4. my clan outpulls yours in the wilderness and you’re scared to prep us so where does that leave your clan lmfao youre out prepping main clans with +20 when you could just fight us l0l also there’s a reason your clan pulls more to preps and that’s cuz your trips are shit buddy your leadership has no idea what they’re doing so if u want advice just come on by
  5. sup kyle

    2v2 fullout?

    u sure? u can’t even prep us now dog don’t hide behind eop LMFAO
  6. sup kyle

    i agree ir sucks

    kiss the awards l0l0l
  7. sup kyle

    i agree ir sucks

    dont get me started on eop l000000000l
  8. sup kyle

    i agree ir sucks

    agree apex sucks too l0l
  9. sup kyle

    Should Phoenix Reopen?

    yea bro we vid every mini not everyone records minis and watches vods of them losing to see how to improve l0l just click better disappointed in you pal, spoke to you for an hour to get you back home just for you to hop into a shit clan so you can p2p mini once a day lmfao pathetic still waiting for your clan to prep us but in the meantime suck me ty
  10. i understand you pull 40s and all and you wouldn't know what a successful clan was if it hit you in the face (like it did today) prep us btw ir are fucking dogshit just stay out of our way and fight envy bro idk why u guys come team on us l0l0l
  11. sup kyle

    Is this the end for Supremacy? v2

    was actually 20v25 but in the future i’ll be sure to scim push protect from melee on a side they aren’t even on you joined a clan just to die to FOE all day man lmfao. you’re manipulated easily if i wanted to i could probably brainwash your ass back to supremacy lmfao yikes thanks for leaking our shit we’re going to murder your clan now msg me on discord to leak btw
  12. explain how my clan is in shambles LMFAO if anything you you rushed us with 40 people and suicided after taking beatings from envy all day my clan was counted out saying we’re gonna close cuz some moron left l0l0l
  13. falsified our pull i guess LOL SUP has never closed, most consistent clan and a discord leak from a 1 week warlord won’t change that
  14. weekly reminder that sup will win another 1v3 tomorrow best of luck shitters

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    2. JoJo


      Is this before or after you put on fo capes tomorrow?

    3. sup kyle

      sup kyle




      speak up LMFAO I fucked you all ty

    4. Goofyman20


      Lmfao dumbass delusional kyle crying on sb again Yikes LOL!