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  1. 60 mains isnt enough to break foe core

  2. cycling in single for 30 mins while being down 40 is not a good way to end your trip
  3. rage used to be able to go 13 hours but i think they have ptsd. down to 30 minute clan soon
  4. Proud of my eagles taking #1 F2P CWA #FOEPRIDENIGGA 🦅💧🩸

  5. Jimbo


    15 second return and u go to 0 in game????????
  6. no1 actually believes foe brings mains first ur clan is gonna die sorry
  7. agreed, how weird is it the only clan that actually uses sharkbrew ironically breaks the rules. (they still got shat on)
  8. not to mention they logged in with 25 mains at dwarves and lost while foe had 0 mains l00l
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