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  1. 24 hours to reply after viewing the topic 7 times. why did you let 40 people flame your newly promoted rank and not back him up in the public eye?
  2. ZERO fi replying to this? no confidence in your boy?? @Murd
  3. such a fierce and intimidating rank we have coming our way! sike lmfao poser you blow dick
  4. @Danny Phantomim sure you will be a great coach to this ball of potential
  5. Huge shoutout to my friend @Leeon becoming a rank in fatality for the 3rd time in the last year! He has such a great track record, here are some of his biggest accomplishments in just the last 365 days. - Warlord of Fatality for 3 months during an AMAZING era (pulled 40 and almost beat Supremacy). - Left Fatality to get a rank in Outburst (closed shortly after). - Rejoined Fatality - Created an anime sub-forum on Fatality forums for his friends. - Left Fatality to get a rank in UB (closed 9 days later). - Rejoined Fatality and climbed back to council within 16 days of leaving (Warlord soon!). True force to be reckon with in the pure scene! @Danny Phantomwe will be waiting for your return in the next couple weeks to watch you humiliate yourself (again)...
  6. @Danny Phantomwhy did i get highlighted in fi discord 7 times just now for your 2 topics but you didnt tell anyone about this one?
  7. reminder @Murd this is why your ranks are having mental breakdowns left and right. hopefully personality #27 can lead a clan a little better, tell him to come back soon!
  8. you would think someone that openly brags about playing rs 15 hours a day would actually be successful on the game. unlucky.
  9. thanks a lot for this moleman, i recently was denied a promotion to be a leader in my clan and i think i am going to take one of these to examine my mental state.
  10. who knew trying to impersonate people over runescape was so mentally draining!

  11. who knew being a wannabe over a game would cause so much mental stress!
  12. unlucky not getting leader in a clan upsets your mental health. we know he will be back very soon (and lose again).
  13. We fully exposed their fake persona as a strong clan today. Despite being down 20 people we fought with no hesitation and showed the entire pure community who the greatest is. Not a single pure clan can do anything anywhere close to what we did today, we have an atmosphere that is absolutely unmatched and will never be beaten. (FOE ^^) https://streamable.com/kj73db after years of trying to copy foe you still fail in EVERY clan you try in! give it a rest rookie
  14. pixel pigeon join fatality so foe can kill you in another clan!
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