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  1. what on earth was he thinking publishing this vid
  2. Jimbo

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    foe would accept we all know apex wouldnt
  3. Jimbo


    that would be fun if the leaders / clans on that game werent dogshit.
  4. "all night baby"

    returns in 1 item after 20 minutes then ends with 90 in ts LOL.

  5. hf tomorrow apex 

  6. Jimbo

    Weekend Predictions

    same as its been the past 6 months. foe foe
  7. i guess this video shows who is really avoiding who. LMFAO gl apex
  8. Jimbo

    Apex is done (audio leak)

    u cant hang apex
  9. wasnt foe literally spread east of bandits for you and you sat in single a mini map east L O L.
  10. well you are replying to it xd
  11. i apologize in advance but it is VERY hard to not reply to this topic without anything apex related. I mean what kind of sick clan brings 90 mains 1 weekend (and loses) just to bend over and peak at 80 the following weekend when their rivalry maintains over 115? Once again sorry for the reply but lord help me understand how bad Apex is.
  12. beta private server clan led by delusional staff thought they could pipe up to the best clan of all time.
  13. This is just a few of the funny recordings that were gathered from the massacre that took place at rev caves today. We were informed that Apex tried to sneak a pk trip into their timezone but we were 500 steps ahead of them and prepared to end it with ease. This clueless clan has absolutely 0 intel that FOE were coming out with 60+ to end them so we had our way with them and left their teamspeak in shambles. Listen to the pure chaos between the ranks arguing and yelling at each other while we steamroll them. You can tell the pressure is already caving in on them but it will only get worse. https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/131362-foe-presents-chaos-in-apex-leadership-jan-21st-audio-leak/ direct link ^
  14. Jimbo

    fo needs Jamz back

    foe #1 f2p matched #1 f2p wild #1 p2p wild all hail foe
  15. pd leader might have gotten cucked but you sir are led by a female
  16. behind the fake endings and the propaganda LOL.


  17. hopefully clans drop the mains. see you in a few weeks
  18. Jimbo

    pure Nox

    you literally have some of the worst returners in the game. 30 minutes into every fight it just comes down to the same 40 people returning in 1 item from your 100+ starting. do you realize how bad that is LOL
  19. Jimbo

    pure Nox

    not really considering when you had 2 clans merge into you all of the sudden apex started spamming sharkbrew. Now that u see you wont beat foe you have slowly died off the brew,
  20. Jimbo

    Apex Members, Please Explain v2

    get off the brew buddy you are BANNED