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  1. Leave the Rage to Us 🐻

  2. Get them added it was a rivalry war between 2 clans, with no effect on others! Would have to take all Sups point if this vote came out no on top as they always have a high main presence on F2P Saturdays. This was just a taste of own medicine!
  3. Now thats how you write up a Winning Weekend Topic!!! Well done bears!! Take note slumpdogs!!! Rage #1 Now, Forever, Always!!
  4. Losing at your own game slump, oh the hypocrisy that's about to ensue!!!
  5. Smashed all the way into the ditch, Literally!! RageBears #1 🐻

  6. What a great day for Rage, enjoyed the bully fest, played them at their own game and smashed all the way down to the ditch! Literally!
  7. Well said 140 Rage Pures kill sup dead! 🤣
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