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  1. Rage cleaned up again today, your welcome. 🐻👑

  2. Bears running wild, big ass trip for the RAGE men.
  3. Back in your box, no FO aftermath post last Sunday. 🤣. Who are the ones with no weekend PK. Ummm... 😜.

  4. Great action, with 2 very close rounds, TY. The RAGE continues, well done bears!
  5. RAGE live rent free in some people's head's, cant stop mentioning the #1 Pure Clan.

  6. We had it on our side also. Gratz to all my fellow bears!
  7. Rage "Kings of Zeah" Be fun to go back!
  8. Most active, Most dominant pure clan, RAGE #1, good job bears.
  9. No Aftermath, back in your box! Didn't accumulate enough pics of bank standing and spamming this week I'm guessing 🤷‍♂️
  10. It clearly drew you into our triumphant topic. Thanks for the bump. Your welcome to bump further with an elaboration on 'getting shit on' Regards, Rage #1
  11. Big Damage dealt out today by the BEARS. Good job, good action. #1
  12. The Hypocrisy of these FOE kids because we can match and even beat a clan with a 14 year history is honestly laughable. Desperate times.
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