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  1. It's All The RAGE!!

  2. Well we knew that we would get at least one idiot making a stupid comment after what happened Thursday!!! You cant take us even ops, so whats your plan being down 15? I would love to know?? All That Talk!
  3. Don't think @holydreamsis up for answering that @NibletYes Yes We did!!!!!! I mean what a stupid comment after what happened Thursday 🤣
  4. What did FO get upto then ??? love to know........Fo sat outside cwa while we fought LY?? Yes?? Only clan that lost this week is Fo to RAGE!!!!
  5. Looking forward to seeing your action less POV's, haha. Matched Ops Much?
  6. Already run-over Sup and Apex(respect) , but ok then....Fo and Zenith ended.....Happy!
  7. Respect LY, after all clans ended, we continued to give our members some good action. Good fight.
  8. Clueless as per usual, everyone ended before we had more action thanks to your old buddy's LY.
  9. Solid trip from 95 Bears!!!! Enjoyed being involved in watching the slumpremacy suicide, and thanks to LY for the action after everyone ended.
  10. Ill leave you to your rivalry, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the two competitive FT200 rounds, after everyone else ended, good action.
  11. Not surprised your POV's dont show us in them......Luckily ours will show you, especially when you suicided. Call Daddy LMAO .
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