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  1. This has been tried multiple times, same as PCL. Doubt it will work this time
  2. Rough day yesterday for the Legacy/Rage alliance. Maybe today will be a better day for them now that they have DC.

    Doubtful though..  

    1. Whoppa


      Are u upset the only fight u had is one that u lost?

    2. Zalmon


      Are you upset that Holydreams slumped your clan to 50 pulls and now you have to team with 2 clans to remain relevant 

  3. I wonder if Rage & LY will team up again today or if they'll have the balls to fight 1v1, doubt it though. 

  4. Day 3 of Rage teaming with other failed pure clans DC & LY instead of fighting clean 1v1s

    Looks like we have truly broken the rats

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zalmon


      Your own video shows them in your cc and you off them you dumb dog.

      Due to recent dogshit clans we have had to get some help. Maybe if any of you grew some balls we would be able to have a clean 1v1 fight but you are all bitch made. 

    3. BvG


      Prep us matched opts literally any day. Your clan is dogshit and needs allies/mains to fight that's why you never will.

    4. Zalmon


      Rather amusing considering its your shitty clan thsts been teaming all week

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