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  1. Remember when Fi were chatting shit to LY about the exact same thing...... Funny how life works out. Not suprised to see Jamz having yet another emotional breakdown in my absence. Overrated rank with breaker mentality.
  2. Id like to see proof of paying ez ty
  3. Quite obvious that we blasted them last week for 4 hours without CD. Unfortunate
  4. Thats fair man. There's been alot over the years 😂 Best of luck to you!
  5. When Fi logs out mid fight and then claims #1....

    How does that make sense lmao.


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    2. Zalmon


      Yaz youre obsessed with Elve, i feel like you have a crush on him.... 


       As for Fi you need to wake up. The fight was far from over. You pussied out its simple.

      Imagine ragging and then saying you won when the other clan has been in gear and farming you the entire fight. Woops.

    3. Yaz


      @Zalmonwhy you ignoring the fact he touches children? Thought u guys actually had some kind of morals

    4. Zalmon


      He doesn't though that's the funny thing. Do you think he's in his 20s fucking around with a 5 year old? No he isn't you mong. 

      I dont even know the ages since everyone seems to just make it up as they go along 😂

  6. I dont understand how Fi can claim #1 when they literally logged out mid fight. I dont get it
  7. Goodluck Is this a reopen or a new clan? (No flame just curious as i remember another version of venom)
  8. What happened to going for 72 hours? This was pathetic, can't believe you guys just ran away.... all that talk.

    1. Satans


      All that Fi talk about GDZ, I was trying to warn em they weren't ready for the smoke 

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