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  1. You know you're winning when they have more mains than pures on the map lmao
  2. wtf is this topic lmao 🤣 This is next level low, expected better propaganda from CPv3
  3. Thanks for the fight. Shame about the raggers and mains though. And I definitely wouldn't say it was coordinated lmao. We are just the only clan that will fight you, other clans choose to snipe both of us.
  4. Thanks for the fight LP. You guys did amazing despite being down
  5. Thanks for the fight FOE, shame about the mains sniping our fights. Tough fight.
  6. If you want a longer video then I suggest you teach your members how to tank 🤣
  7. Thanks for the fights today boys, shame about the raggers Not sure what LY were doing, looks like they messed to get smoked. 🤷‍♂️
  8. CP remake got the hands today lmao

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