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  1. yikes It's good you have too much pride to join Rage, because after all that toxic anti-rage propaganda you went out of your way to create I don't see you ever getting accepted there lol but who knows?
  2. I'm ex Rage I was there before the rivalry started. I'm no longer in Rage but looking at this from an unbiased 3rd party perspective it's not looking good for sup l0l it's not looking good for LY either
  3. I haven't been in Rage for awhile now but sup brought mains since day 1 of the rivalry and held hands with legashit the entire time l0l Instead of creating more propaganda topics I think you should go recruit so you can pull over 50 this weekend
  4. has anyone seen @Kimbtw I thought she was going to close rage???????? Not looking good for sup
  5. lol LY quality banter lol thats ur member lol btw lol why do you lol so much lol you must be one of those socially awkward weirdos who responds to everything irl with a nervous laugh lol anyways lol ty lol btw lol
  6. I wish. It's not in my hands we'll see what the future holds tho
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