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  1. So they haven't done sht still after disabling the bh worlds and are still trying to identify the problems........ 11 dollars a month btw
  2. What are you a psychologist? Why don't you go vid your feet walking out of a car again weirdo. You talked hella shit about rage when you were sup then jumped ship to rage LOL. I slumped your ass to the point you joined your rivals. Weak
  3. I don't know why you keep mistaking my identity with a guy you clearly adore 💀 good night though @Kim
  4. Will LY ever win a midweek? Most likely not. Gz Sharks 🦈

  5. imagine saying you were going to close rage only to break 2 weeks in and go MIA. LOL. 😂
  6. LY cleared 2 days in a row not looking good for spartan clan!

  7. Yeah that's still not me but what a laugh it is to find out @Kim still hasn't closed rage after announcing she was going to a few months ago
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