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  1. @DilLhas decided to play it smart and go MIA since @Kim told him to stop embarrassing her clan. He listened like the beta bitch he is
  2. ur delusional if you think LY stands/stood any chance against Rage today we pushed you pussies to singles multiple times. You noped the fuck out back to graves even while it was 2v1 lmfao
  3. gj on avoiding the whole old w325 discord afraid to fight anyone in edge standing there 6 hrs a day being a cosplay pker until you get 6hr nerd logged
  4. Just a friendly reminder that @Kimsaid she was going to be active in sup again to close Rage in 2019 but she's been MIA for the past 3 months of the rivalry wtf????
  5. cringe af but ngl this is pretty similar to what i imagined you'd sound like
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