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  1. this is what rage do instead of organizing preps l0l @Niblethow embarrassing no wonder xl didn't work out lmfao
  2. woke up to multiple kik msgs saying some niga from rage tryna pull up l0l please do and i'll show you the definition of gang affiliated
  3. you know exactly who i am buddy l00l i understand avoiding us is the best play here but nobody believes anything you say
  4. last time i pm'd you on discord you ignored me but you have no problem typing this over and over again like anyone believes it l00l maybe this is why excel didn't work out?
  5. lmfaoo true we all askin that in ts rn l0l
  6. [xl]niblet making threats about killing clans l00l
  7. big owners doing what rage couldnt
  8. why do you have three x’s at the end of your name are you a porn star
  9. lol the boys are trash holy trinity on top
  10. l0l imagine being ir leadership and not having faith in your members quality to fullout your rivals big yikes
  11. all credits go to @Ham for this amazing meme
  12. very sad to see ir bring 100+ mains in order to compete only to lose to supremacy's 100 pures
  13. Leading

    pure lol ir

    pls keep commenting on my topics make me very popular yes!!!
  14. Leading

    pure lol ir

    would take this comment seriously if you didn't have an apex sig lmfao
  15. touch the grass if you got perfected in a 100v100 on your anniversary

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