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  1. @slushpuppymy brother can you delete this. Don’t want people to see the IQ of legacy members. Trying to help them tbh
  2. Claims they’re bringing 200 pures, haven’t brought more than 60 pures in 2 months sup logic 😂😂
  3. How many times did they say logout the first 2 minutes? Bears op as fuck. They let LPC to tank them for 20 seconds 😂😂😂
  4. Sup was bringing 70+ to weekends, down to 40. 0 on midweek. legacy was bringing 90+ on weekends. Down to 60. rage still maintaining 85+, 50+ pulls on Mondays. Rage is winning this rivalry by a long shot.
  5. Pulling as much as our rivals on a Monday as they do on the weekend. Moat active by far.
  6. Y’all gotta stop destroying the wilderness, it’s dead af already
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