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  1. Holiday

    @EX CD

    oh shit
  2. Holiday

    Close Calls

    lol you guys man
  3. Holiday

    midweek [IMT] Immortal Vs. Overdose F2P Prep

    IMT on top
  4. Holiday

    announcement Sharkbrew Clan Awards 2018

    Brought Most Mains and Lost: EOP Biggest comeback (in terms of pulls/performance) from the start of 2018-Present: FI Most Honorable/Respected Clan: FOE Most Underrated Clan: SUP Most Hated Clan: SV Clan With Closest Community: SUP Most Mature Clan: FOE Most Likely To Close (xLPC,LPC.Zerk,Main): xLPC: N/A LPC: Apex Zerk: N/A Main: N/A Best Wilderness Clan (xLPC,LPC.Zerk,Main): xLPC: N/A LPC: FOE Zerk: N/A Main: N/A Most Missed Clan: Rage Best Clan Forums: FOE Most Active Community: FOE Most Successful xLPC,LPC,Zerk,Main: xLPC: N/A LPC: FOE Zerk: N/A Main: N/A xLPC,LPC.Zerk,Main with Highest Potential for 2019: xLPC: N/A LPC: FOE Zerk: N/A Main: N/A Best Rivalry: FOE vs Apex Most One sided Rivalry: Foe vs EOP Winner Of Rivalry: FOE Most Irrelevant xLPC,LPC.Zerk,Main: xLPC: N/A LPC: FI Zerk: N/A Main: N/A Individual Awards Best Banter: Dont Care Most Motivational Clan Rank: Danny Most Mature: Funniest baiter: me Best P2P Caller: n/a Best F2P Caller: Remy Most Active On Discord: n/a Staff Awards Best Staff Member:(person) Most Inspirational Staff Member:(person) Most foreign:(person) Most Dateable:(person) Best Banter(person) Favorite New Staff Member: (person) (Promo'd In 2018)
  5. Holiday

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    Lmfao im fucking dead
  6. Holiday

    cwa foe v sup 4-0

  7. Holiday

    cwa Foe vs Apec

    smoked very easily
  8. Holiday

    cwa Next fullout?

    EOP & APEX niggas quiet
  9. Holiday

    Meek Mill dropped a dope ass album O_O

    Lil Baby better
  10. I heard xlpc where it's at, this true? 

    1. Woody


      theres only 2 xlpcs rest are snipe teams

    2. Yehr
  11. very slow nh pker but good quality
  12. Holiday

    pure LPC

    quite funny