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  1. MAGICfrmda6

    xlpc question

    imt vs cp
  2. MAGICfrmda6

    pure/weekend/verified Bad Timing making AP a single clan

    what track is that
  3. Road to becoming a Millionaire 


  4. MAGICfrmda6

    showcase Storm intro

    that storm kid scammed his own member for 20 dollars lmfao
  5. who and what is an imt ?
  6. MAGICfrmda6

    Why do we clan?

    kids pipe up too much so they need to get humbled
  7. Smoking clans, getting my nuts sucked, and getting this paper irl, life is good can't complain 

  8. All this money flowing into my bank account got a nigga craaaazyy 

    1. Owl


      Double cheeseburger wit them fries n milkshake got a nigga craaaaaaazyy

    2. MAGICfrmda6