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  1. Looks like Sup is still dicking rage kids on the daily lmaoo 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. MAGICfrmda6
    3. IamjohnC


      chillin haha, you ? had to dust of the scim&bow hahaha

    4. MAGICfrmda6


      haha I feel you, I dont play anymore cba with rs anymore tbh 

  2. l0l so dog shit, gz on #11 closed snipe team
  3. zoom vs blitz, if u say otherwise u r dumb
  4. Fuad ded just like his precious snipe team fh l0l
  5. gl guys hope f2p main clanning revives
  6. I miss you on discord baby come back 2 me, I need a punching bag
  7. bruh you just dox'd ur irl name l00000000l dumbass
  8. Vision made BU hide in diff worlds for 45 mins lmfao, I win again
  9. Daddy Vision peaked at like 20 opts and made our cockroaches go back into their hole where they belong aka BU
  10. You dont even know me lool, how would you even know if I'm a 2k19 clanner
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