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  1. NL is full of clowns, they agree to fight at one point matched opts we pull 17 they pull 20ish and they won’t drop to our opts so they cancel wasting my time and my boys time, it’s pathetic clans like those shouldn’t exist, I guess that’s why they take so many Ls from everyone @Stl Arrow😂 right?
  2. Nice loots, looked like a chill day for you guys
  3. Congrats Rage, Looked fun. P.S Who made that banner its so dope.
  4. 2020, GL Everyone! 

  5. Happy New Years eve everyone, stay safe and for those who grinding OSRS tonight for new years get that 99 brother!
  6. Editing could do better other then that good choice of music, great clips, just need to work a bit on editing even though you use Sony Vegas.
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