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  1. Gf rip @dalton and @Dysphoriatheir godswords though. 1 pink potion a day keeps the Grand Exchange away
  2. Sv died twice (3 times if u count Turmoil) and is on a lifeline by rot rn but gratz man
  3. Calum is one of the most known for whole clan packages, but idk if he accepts rsgp. @LeaksCityIs my dude, got tons of gfx from him but not sure if he does clan packages. Definately my recommendation. @Dox17also does gfx I believe? Idk for clan packages but his gfx is always hella clean.
  4. "we bring mains to crash Vengeance even though the mains were there to fuck with the fight as a whole"
  5. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We decided to do some single pking with some friends, but after a short while we managed to find Bloodline V2 AKA Resurgence. We had a 2 singles team crashing the fight (thanks for ACing that Dolphins) but that did not stop us from absolutely obliterating them. This is not even exaggerated, which will be shown belown. Eventually the fight was just 3 PD members + Resurgence + Vengeance We were smiting the last half of the fight, forcing the dead ponies to return in diary gear, budget +1's and some didn't even bother bringing +1's anymore. Their Teamspeak was silent for the majority of the fight. Their members dropped their prayers left and right, and most of them died with half an inventory. After the ponies had enough, they decided to call their main friends but we didn't bother fighting a 2v1 + 2 singles teams trying to crash our fight and ironically got a "2v1 spam" LOL Thanks for the loot dead ponies and stay shit lmfao. PS: If you want to do something besides be suicidal multibots PM A Veng rank. Happy hunting! Videos:
  6. He has made a file doxing ez people, not so nice!
  7. Then why'd u post an aftermath not too long ago
  8. Biased vote but everythinf you state here seems a bit contrary to what you post on this forums.
  9. @Stl Arrow only posts Res aftermaths of a fight he thinks he 'won', while Vengeance posts every aftermath both on our own and Sharkbrew forums. In the meanwhile Resurgence posts aftermaths on their forums and very occasionally on here. Is he scared of being exposed? Will he forbid his members from checking out Sharkbrew cuz they might get exposed to the actual outcome of the fight?
  10. I was there on mobile, with hotel wifi and no teamspeak yet I didn't die lmfao.
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