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  1. Spoontech

    Reign of trash

    Equivalent of 60 mains so irrelevant. Maybe u don't know but RoT has won a 1v5 crashwar, I'm pretty sure they know how to fight outnumbered.
  2. Spoontech

    The End

    Yet you tried and failed instantly lmao.
  3. Spoontech

    The End

    Always gave good fights and clean action. Prime example of how a friendly rivalry should've been. Thanks for everything dead penguins.
  4. Spoontech

    pkri Wednesday: Smacking SV Around in 1750s

    Loving this rivalry
  5. Spoontech

    midweek b(EST) Squad gets mental. (+800m loot!!!!)

    I just got it trademark'd so pay me and I'll let ya use it
  6. Spoontech

    midweek b(EST) Squad gets mental. (+800m loot!!!!)

    Thanks for the idea, will use it in the future.
  7. Spoontech

    midweek GMT Wednesday ft. 1 Hour With Liths

    Good shit guys, ty for fight Liths!
  8. Spoontech

    weekend No Plans Sunday (so many b rings)

    good shit chads
  9. Also care to explain the reason why? Or are your members not allowed to know it?
  10. Spoontech

    cwa Legacy Vs Vengence P2P Prep 2-1

    Shame I couldn't be there, ty for action though! Multispells is the future
  11. Spoontech

    midweek GMT Runs The Caves ft. DK + Rev

    Most active!
  12. Spoontech

    midweek Another early GMT massacre

    Very cool
  13. Spoontech

    midweek GMT Outing Part 2 ft. Ae & Vit

  14. Spoontech

    midweek GMT Gives Smoke (Again) Ft. BP, Vit

    Dope af smallmanning