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  1. Spoontech

    Looking for Med Pk Clan

    Whats ur discord?
  2. Spoontech

    Looking for Med Pk Clan

    Feel free to dm Spoontech#6034 on discord
  3. Spoontech

    weekend Vengeance sunday feast ft. +1 donating MOI

    Even forgot to include Sara sword + Elder robetop/tome pk, rip me
  4. Spoontech

    zerk/tank Resurgence | OSRS RP/TANK/MED CLAN

    Closed, please lock topic @Moni
  5. Spoontech

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    Back in the game and back on top!
  6. Supremacy topic yet some dude says 'you seek my attention' Gz Phil clan ❤️
  7. Spoontech

    midweek Vengeance revs cave run in with FO.

    I killed the med scene and we prep mains every week what u on?
  8. Pure scene in a nutshell
  9. Spoontech

    Somali gang on rise

    good story
  10. Spoontech

    cwa Sloths Vs. Vengeance P2P PREP [2-1]

    Gf, had a bad day today. Tyff
  11. You literally recommend 20k return sets, can't take this serious tbh
  12. Topic made by @Chin Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Our dear leader Zewy set up a CWA vs Anonymous Community. Big shout out to AC for not doing multi spells that often and accepting our challenge. After our dominance in CWA we wanted to keep the adrenaline pumping and the mighty vikings did exactly that... Round 1: FT25 Vengeance: 25 Anonymous Community: 17 Round 2: FT25 Vengeance: 25 Anonymous Community: 18 Round 3: FT25 Vengeance: 25 Anonymous Community: 22 Round 4: KO Vengeance: 12 Anonymous Community: 0 Trae:POV ^
  13. Spoontech

    cwa Vengeance vs Legacy (3-0)

    You still didnt get rid of your Jogres V4 clan