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  1. Spoontech


    Rumor says @Bassive is still trying to tank that half tb
  2. @Stl Arrow wont reply to this as he's too busy playing indoor 4vs4 football
  3. Spoontech


    No sight of anti-Veng aka Res aka Jogres V4
  4. Spoontech#6034 to solve your problems
  5. No surprise Resurgence leadership (notorious for hacking, doxing & more) promotes somebody who threatened to dox Vengeance members! Not really surprising though.
  6. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we massed up a strong 21 vikings to roam the wilderness. We had a feeling that a lot of big teams were in the rev caves and our prayers were heard. We quickly ran into Vitality and fought them for about 15 minutes before Team Sweden logged in. We kept fighting and not long after it Jaja also flew in (love the crashwars I guess?), we still managed to stay strong and fought for a while until the adamant returns flew in and we cba'd. LIVE SCOREBOARD: Vengeance counter: 0 Resurgence counter: 0 We continued to pk in the Rev caves until we smelled a nasty stink. We found out what it was and it turned out to be Resurgence. Once they all logged in a clean fight emerged with about even opts. We smoked them easily, and a green cape Ballista squad logged in. Mammoth, a Resurgence member asked us to not teleport so we decided to stay. Resurgence however thought this was a good excuse to teleport out and let us take the fight vs the ballista squad. We didn't think twice and made work of the ballistasquad as well so we cleared both clans and took our fall in. Vengeance counter: 1 Resurgence counter: 0 We were waiting for a Resurgence regroup (took about 15 minutes) and we baited them inside the caves, where our supreme Vikings logged in and immediately took control of the fight. It took us less than 5 minutes before Resurgence was cleared for the 2nd of the night. Vengeance counter: 2 Resurgence counter: 0 After Resurgence knew they couldn't compete with us in the Rev caves they decided to go to Altar. We got word of it and it took us less than 5 minutes to find them for the 3rd round of the evening. They immediately ran and left their member 'Bassive' to die with a dihns on a half-tb, even when our focus staff specced by accident. This was enough for Resurgence as they ended their trip right after that. We wish we didn't have to do this, but threatening to dox Veng members is an absolute no-go. Vengeance counter: 3 Resurgence counter: 0
  7. Spoontech

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    You mean the clan that started piping up to us when we even showed up to kill mains? First we were Apex lapdogs Then we were IR lapdogs Now we are LY lapdogs Make up your mind guys, whose lapdogs are we?
  8. Spoontech

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    We tried to do that as much as we could. The clans that have a problem with this either pull more mains than pures themselves or they think they are victimized.
  9. Spoontech

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    We're gonna try to do it as much as we can. If this helps the pure scene staying clean, we'll always help. The pure clans that will get triggered by it might have to look at how many pures they actually bring.
  10. Spoontech

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    Chill down. How is AC'ing mains away from pure fights helping the problem? If anything you should be thankful for us helping all the pures. We weren't here for a clan, we share members with pretty much most of the pure clans. We did this for the pure scene, not for a particiular clan. HMU on disc if u still don't get it.
  11. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We never really pk (look at our aftermaths, literally 0 but for this one), so we decided to host a pk trip for once. Before massing 6 strong units pked some whales at entrance an hour prior to massing. We started around massing 6.30 EST with 19 strong Vengachads to see if there was something deep in the wild. While we were at RDG our superior intelligence unit spotted Revenant at Callisto. We quickly took their Pvmers for their Veracs and more loot. We were expecting them to return in warring gear so we had a few on the lookout near glory hill to spot potential returners. Everything went according to plan and Revenant returned with their full unit. We fought at glory hill & east of GDZ for about 45 minutes with even opts. Revenant took the early lead, but halfway through the fight we managed to get back on track and got Revenant down to 4ish men. They made a strong return and eventually started outpulling us towards the end so we had to call it. Good fight Rev, ty for the action. It's good to see action happening outside the Rev caves. Veng starting: 19 Revenant starting: 18? Veng ending: 21 Revenant ending: 25? We decided to head to the Rev caves, where we found Unkown Pkers and a fight emerged. We started outnumbering & outperforming them, but as the fight continued our GMT'ers had to go as it was way past 1 AM for the GMT'ers. The fight started to get more even, but as time went by more and more people had to prepare for work the next morning. Eventually we left the fight, said GF and called it a day. Thanks for the fight UNK, gl opening. Veng starting: 19 Unkown Pkers starting: 13? Veng ending: 14 Unkown Pkers ending: 15? After being out in EST for a solid 4 hours, we decided to end. Both the fights we had were clean af and there was no sight of anti-Veng, even though this was supposed to be their prime timezone. GL on Callisto with 3 men though, hope you get the pet.
  12. Spoontech

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

    Gratz on the first aftermath of the month.