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  1. If you have to resort to doxing to prevent people leaking, maybe there's something wrong with your clan. Fix that first maybe
  2. Long story short we asked Rev for a fight to bait Anti-AF out. With our last fight going completely uncrashed we decided to make sure they crashed it this time, so we massed with PM's on & made sure they knew exactly what world and what location we were going to fight in. After 15 minutes of fighting, Anti-AF finally decided to show up. RoT were first. They lasted less than 2 minutes before being completely wiped off the map. Next up were TS+SV (+ 2k/1750 protectors). These awkward nooby fucks rushed in from the east & west respectively, both managing to get barraged out at the entrances, stopping their crash attempts before they had even started. ROT+SV+TS+2K+1750 AND LOOK AT THE FUCKING MAP LMFAO, all noobs SIT
  3. you've come really far with your drawing my man, love it
  4. We got word that Anti-AF affiliates were fighting in the caves and quickly got the men together to put these kids in their place. Within mins of rushing rot, they were reduced to black d hide/book barraging. Obviously we predicted this and pushed them against the north wall, so we could sit back and farm them in a relaxed manner. This went on for quite a bit and the only real noteworthy moments was when they tried to do some mass log ins on the north wall which always resulted in them getting barraged out in a dd. After mercilessly slaughtering them for about an hour, rot became quite desperate and made their allies SV and IF rush the fight. We sent half our men onto SV and IF and chased them into the north west corridor where a similar slaughter occured. The cries of desperation on sv TS and imsobeast being his usual depressing self made everything even easier. With good spams and transitions we smashed any sort of organisation they might have had and before we knew it they were battered, broken and cleared. After this we got all of our men back on rot and decided to farm them until they either had 5 ingame or their sets were reduced to 50k loot. After about another 30 mins some of rot their retireds couldnt bare seeing what their clan has been reduced to and started leaving. From this point on it became nearly impossible to find any rot ingame. Seeing as we achieved both win-conditions, we decided it was time to bank our loot.
  5. What do you think of rot immediately running away from the fight once they logged in? Surely that means AF would be the last clan standing.. We even had our fall ins
  6. With the whole clan world out on a week prep we threw up a 1 day Prep, knowing that was enough to fight the clan world. Rev was out with a-lot of people but Rot was too scared to hit them and would rather fight 30 Sv so Rev hit us up for a fight. After a-bit negotiating we agreed on single spells and despite the 20 man disadvantage we were confident. That confidence proved right as even with less every pile was 1 hit, every spam was off the screen and we killed them at a much faster rate due to some excellent calling by all involved today. In the entire hour cap Rot only crashed with 2 med levels, why didn't all the pure clans come and help you lol. Why was Anti-AF allowing 200 AF/Rev a clean 1v1 for an hour on newgate in a box lol?
  7. Lad 4 weeks ago you were flaming sv/rot in veng member chat for them being shit clans now u cuck for them lmao
  8. AF actually forced you to 1 item/suicide barrage lmfao
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