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  1. Vitality and Liths had a single spells fight and being the savours of the clan world we Ac'd it. Since we were such a good Ac no one came to crash so we told Rot we were out and they were so slow/scared (you decide) that the Vit/Liths fight ended before they appeared. After 10 Minutes more of waiting they finally logged in with less than 25 people. They soon realised they should of had Sv mass with them as they were cleared trying to drag us to Gdz. After taking Fall in's at New gate we baited them away from Gdz by going North of the gate and logging out making them think we ended. We logged back in south of them and trapped them North of New-gate, after that it was over before it even began. With no chance of getting to Greaters they were forced to suicide to us. For the next 3 hours they never got more than 8 people in-game. Soon to keep people in-game they would organise mass login near the fences, even after we kept hitting them on login. Sovereign were told to suicide mage with Rot but after an hour of this they rebelled and started 1-iteming with 12 people. The moment any Rot member logged in they had 10+ people on them instantly and none of them could throw more than 3 barrages before they died. It was even worse for their callers, with their only official who calls and the two members who try killed within 20 seconds of login. For us it was the complete opposite with most of us not dying once an hour and only running out of Bolts/Runes. Was so fucking easy, maybe if you had callers it would be harder. Pictures: Anti-AF had a pretty bad night... Rot got farmed for 3 hours. SV suicided for 1 hour, gave up and 1 -itemed Ts didn't even bother to mass after their last few events IF crashed for 20 minutes, got cleared and ended.
  2. Part 1: Set up a battle with Rev and fought inside Revs west inside ankous. Despite the ankous being super strong it was a pretty good place to fight as it was nice and open. We fought cleanly for 30 minutes until Sv arrived with 12 to camp returners, after another 15 minutes Rot+Ts finally finished massing (what took you so long?). With so few numbers and such a long return time it wasn't long until Rot was cleared in-game. With Rot cleared we forced Ts to teleport with their 6 man pull (why do you even bother). Rot and Sv then hid inside the corridor for 10 minutes while getting barraged from both sides. After clearing rot from the corridor we went and took ending inside ankous. Part 2: With Rot feeling claustrophobic we were kind and re-started our fight with Rev near mossies. Despite it being on the same world, and Sv sniping in single (lol). It still took Rot another 20 minutes to re-mass and they soon wished they hadn't. When they logged in they didn't even bother to throw a barrage and instantly started running towards Gdz. They were soon chased all the way to New Gate in record time and soon the minimap had 0 white dots so we once again took ending. Part 3: Knowing they wouldn't dare crash us a 3rd time we set up a single spells with Rev at West Tree. With so many people every pile from both clans was 1-hit with spam off the screen, with our spam a little better than theirs. After 30 minutes of clean action because Rot lied to their members, we compared endings and kicked Skalais to death. We then went up to the DF vs TR fight and scared away anyone from crashing it. Sadly after we telied out Jaja ended the fight and Rot logged in to crash nothing, wonder why they didn't log in while we were there. Great job today AF men. we performed really well in all 3 fights vs Rev. Don't even know what to say about Anti-AF today, that was just embarrassing. *edited: promotion of leaking not allowed*
  3. I have video of it as an unbiased looter. I saw 12 Resurgence deaths versus 241 deaths of Nothing Left. Gratz Resurgence
  4. I'm seriously worried about the mental state of @Stl Arrow for making his team lose so many sets. He stuck a pencil in his ass for GP. But I witnessed this scrap live and saw Resurgence smoke NL. Gratz Tyler/Joe
  5. As a NL fanboy since day #1 I will be the first to welcome you back on Sharkbrew. Warbow is still a crybaby tho about bitching about a RSC site. Topic looks good and solid bants.
  6. Wtf spam watch out you have 1 topic left @NL Fargorn
  7. We get it, you guys do 3 people small mans 3 times a month to fight a clan to get crashed by jaja within a minute. No one reads or replies to your topics, stop making them lmao. and if you do it to win recruit, SB is dead and those pure recruits mean nothing. Your shit clan still gets cleared in the 3 times a month - All
  8. Gf rip @dalton and @Dysphoriatheir godswords though. 1 pink potion a day keeps the Grand Exchange away
  9. Sv died twice (3 times if u count Turmoil) and is on a lifeline by rot rn but gratz man
  10. Calum is one of the most known for whole clan packages, but idk if he accepts rsgp. @LeaksCityIs my dude, got tons of gfx from him but not sure if he does clan packages. Definately my recommendation. @Dox17also does gfx I believe? Idk for clan packages but his gfx is always hella clean.
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