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  1. wait you got pushed all the way to ditch at 12:30 minute in your vid, terror cleared? gratz Astro!
  2. this the same guy defrauding the american government by illegally cashing in unemployment checks while still employed? yikes
  3. Heard you spied on your own clan, is that true? Not surprised, typical AF member. Also looks like you were the first clan to run, nice propaganda https://streamable.com/fbqn12
  4. rev/af posting aftermath topics here now because they get no traffic on their own sites lmfao!

  5. Yo CD prep me 30v30 oh wait you cant even pull 30 lmfao!!

  6. Rage losing a rivalry to Supremacy lmfao 20 bears btw
  7. Rage has posted 1 weekend aftermath topic in the last 3 weeks safe to say Sup is winning the rivalry against Rage LOOOL
  8. @Jamzis umemployed and spends his day counting forum posts on his rival's website l0000l i legit feel bad for this weirdo someone get him some help ASAP
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