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  1. Shife

    Forum Game HA HA HA

    i aint even post on this thread and u tag me lmfao u obsessed guyanese fat loser. remember when u were stalking fs forums and looking at my post last new years while i was out gettin head lmfao ur clan was laughin at u freak. i made u quit rs after i exposed u for pretending 2 be white u roti slappin ugly cury shit teeth smellin goat fucker
  2. nil is a ugly loser who sucks pp for member and advanced rank in clans 😂
  3. LPC before all the losers from HPC moved down
  4. Shife

    Favorite fight?

    Any Fearless fight MM VS EOP at maze cant find vid
  5. Shife

    In all honestly

  6. the boi tyler bak dont see eop losing a f2p fight in long time
  7. Shife

    The tale of purge....

    ur a fat loser irl lmao
  8. wats funnier  this or brandon cryin audio loool7ET31Ye.png?width=938&height=383