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  1. Shife

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    keep lookin 4 fs topics loser i kno u wanan join u fat guyanese loser lmfaooo
  2. Shife

    weekend Fearless P2p Sunday taking on lpc scene

    killed a bunch of unsullied 2day was ez
  3. talkin about cwa but cd's prep record is what lmao
  4. Shife

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    stfu lmfao 'tarnish legacy' this is a e game retarded l0000l
  5. Shife

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    Don’t you got essays to write for your 3 man snipe team u ugly Guyanese 7/11 dumpster baby lmfao 🙈🙊
  6. Shife

    midweek Zoom Slaps Up W8 FT. Bobbie Book And ATL

    lmfao get a life loser stop pkin wit 3 people in f2p all day virgin
  7. stop writing essays about ur five man snipe team and get a job u ugly guyanese indian loser