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  1. Support. ban all dutch vermins from my site
  2. too bad u dont put that much effort into fighting back in game
  3. https://streamable.com/tae0n whose the spy lad? af spy? jaja spy?
  4. @HormoneI see you reading this - yes that means guesting 99dreamz
  5. Let it be widely known amongst any of you pure clans what happens when you involve yourself in anti-rot. Take note of the very smart decision by nox. No main clan is built like rot, no main clan will be there to save you against us. This is the final warning to any pure clan who decides to go against us. Let foe and now apex be the last warnings we give. You have officially all been warned.

    1. Famcloth


      nox's ego got the better of him 

  7. it was a video of the 1v1 vs rev before they called af. ur lidel brain mia?
  8. show me one pic of rot having non rot in our cc?
  9. You CANNOT make this shit up....rev victimized to call af for help within 5 minutes.
  10. ur delusional lmao. stop cryin about mains eop brought mains on foe for a year. foe brings mains for a few weeks n eop closes l00000l
  11. stfu lmfao ur dog shit. askin 4 more pkers to help u 😂 u die once n never return c u in 1750
  12. I hope they didn’t pay for this. This is worse then the intros Lenin makes lmao @Vito
  13. y yall makin these topics legacy out pullin u n smokin ya wit more mains 2 l00l
  14. nigga ur clan is legit gettin stomped on rs and on forums n u ratin banter topics ????
  15. eop kinda topic but den they got outmained by foe and closed..
  16. Cd clan complaining about mains in 2k19 dam wat a time 2 b aliv
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