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  1. ur delusional lmao. stop cryin about mains eop brought mains on foe for a year. foe brings mains for a few weeks n eop closes l00000l
  2. stfu lmfao ur dog shit. askin 4 more pkers to help u 😂 u die once n never return c u in 1750
  3. ur a ugly poor indian irl lmao dont make me dox ur ig l0l
  4. I hope they didn’t pay for this. This is worse then the intros Lenin makes lmao @Vito
  5. y yall makin these topics legacy out pullin u n smokin ya wit more mains 2 l00l
  6. nigga ur clan is legit gettin stomped on rs and on forums n u ratin banter topics ????
  7. eop kinda topic but den they got outmained by foe and closed..
  8. Cd clan complaining about mains in 2k19 dam wat a time 2 b aliv
  9. @MAGICfrmda6lmfao heard u on RP TS u legit sound like a throat cancered indian cow worshiping 7/11 telemarketer lmfaoooooooo0o0o0o0

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    2. MAGICfrmda6


      keep asking fs rats to leak my voice obsessed kid 🤣

    3. Shife


      Ok ugly Indian hope u avoid talkin on da mic ur own boys gonna expose how ugly u sound poor Indian slave

    4. MAGICfrmda6


      im richer than u lmf0, dumb Haitian rat lmfa0, he so scared to talk on da mic. u so insecure l0zzz-ll

  10. lmao nvr understood y niggas who use mains cry about other mains
  11. stfu lmfao ur snipe team is dog shit so is ur irl u broke indian
  12. imagin makin 7.50 a hour at 7/11 baggin no girls cuz indian and a loser 00l0l0l0l0
  13. ugly guyanese freak u work 7/11 irl lmfao every1 laffin @ u l00l
  14. cd 0-15 in rounds rn against FS lmao shit clan needs main 2compete but brang them out on the wrong clan
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