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  2. Interesting tactic trying to beat us to your own backline lol
  3. That audio leak is as stale as this topic. Legacy is dead lmao
  4. If ur ex sv come join cd with the boys
  5. Critical Damage massed up 40 Purple Shooters ready to take on the pure world. We started the day fighting apex south of spiders where ly showed their face to only be smoked off the map. We then moved to high altar where we had a clean fight vs apex before it was crashed. Next stop was castle where we rushed apex until a cluster formed between all clans but legashit who were sat in dragon pit waiting for who knows what. When the cluster dispersed we logged into ly and made them tele down. At this point ly still had numbers on us but refused the fight. After 10 legacy members giving us locations for free we decided to hit ly at bandits and absolutely smoked them off the map. We were down numbers but dispatched of them quickly with their shit tanks and god awful calling. Sam and Lord EX(Staff board leaker btw) tried to claim CD was avoiding and bringing mains. We fought them at barb village where they got absolutely demolished before it was crashed by the entire pure world due to the 10 ly members + staff team leaking locations(shout out to lonzoballer #1 fisher). Legashit did their best trying to hide and hopping worlds and locations until they moved to falador pvp world. Yet again down opts we smoked ly and saw them end their trip in W417. Shout-out to all the LY leakers and CD shooters online this glorious Saturday.
  6. Nice fake logs, you aren't fooling anyone lmfao
  7. we started our evening by setting up some p2p action with fatality. we knew this would kickstart another action packed friday. we quickly massed up 32 shooters and and proceeded to our first fight of the night. legacy tried doing some unorthodox weird ass attempt on crashing 5 minutes in to the fight only to get cleared by foe on login. we continued our marvelous evening fighting almost everywhere you can think of. from al-kharid to falador and even went for a quick stroll to gdz. were we fought with resistance and apex.
  8. We approached Supremacy for a F2P Pkri knowing what they are cable of in F2P. We had expectations of Legacy showing face today, but it seems the fear we've installed into their brains kept them from hitting the login button on or fight world. We massed up and started with 33 people defending Chaos dwarves. Critical Damage Starting: 33 Supremacy Starting: 35 The fight went back and forth with strong piles on both sides and quick returns, our piling, spams, and transitions were close to impeccable. After the 30 minutes, supremacy spammed gf and took ending in singles. Gf supremacy '
  9. Sam is all talk lmao

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