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  1. Join CD - Most honourable Med/Zerk clan - Applications closing soon. 

  2. Noticed a few people were piping up in our wild, so we went out with 5 shooters later peaking at 18. Started off the trip by clearing some randys that piped up at bandits for some decent loot. Proceeded to scout the wild and clearing every single randy/ragger we found. Got intel that legacy bitch clan "crazy pkers" were at high altar, we fought them down opts and out leveled and later massed up 18 people and cleared them out of our wild. Know your place fucking faggots . Tired of sitting in singles all trip? Join CD to dominate shit clans. Discord: https://discord.gg/fv6AJ22 Click "Next page" For pics
  3. arent u that one kid that puked in the elevator after a few shots LMAO
  4. funny cuz u jump clan to clan dont u l0l woof woof u fucking dog
  5. Now what will I do while I'm at single strip fishing spot?
  6. how's it feel being a +1 in every clan you join, yet never being able to be someone's +1 irl? back to stalking 15 year olds lil french weaboo
  7. As an impartial onlooker, I must say that Critical Damage claimed victory in each one of their clashes today. Good job, purple men
  8. There I was, peacefully fishing lobsters in world three hundred and ninety-three as I saw some people in Team-39 capes coming in staggered groups, bleeding profusely from their rectums, some of them even having arrows still lodged in their bodies. I decided to investigate the commotion and went in the opposite the direction that these people were coming from until I eventually came upon a trail of their capes on the ground. I continued my adventure westward bound until I reached the boneyard where I found even more Team-39 capes littered all over the ground as a big group of big purple men danced and paraded all over the capes. It was at this moment that I realized the purple men in Team-7 capes had just slaughtered those in the Team-39 capes, likely impregnating their women and allowing their legacy to spread throughout the land, even down to the slaves that dwell by the Wilderness ditch.
  9. I heard the last time rage piped up you called a scim push on top of corp hill and got smoked lmfa0
  10. "Ryan" pokes you: can i have warlord back if i re-join?

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