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  1. ahh yes fs cleared at gdz now too @Godae

  2. ahh yes fs cleared @ fally baby



      Yeah I bet it was easy

  3. why would an entire scene shift things around just because your poopy clan cant p2p and only pull 30 people?
  4. envy full of crybabies
  5. bro this better be some kiwi sheep level banter
  6. thx for the replies brothers will make a decision straight after easter mostly looking long term. only looking to join a clan thats going to be around for the long run you get a member that will never leave no matter the circumstance 8-), dont care what scene but if its gonna be xlpc which will probably be dead soon id like to hope that said xlpc clan would want to move up to lpc in the future. lpc is just fine also i am complete ass at p2p so you have to take the good with the bad
  7. shout out to casino_daddy14 our final recruit, recruited into the cc literally 8 minutes ago
  8. april fools! NOOBS

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      It's still march.. even in the UK. o_O!!

    2. Pauna


      In no time zone its 1 april 

  9. looking for a clan my qualifications: 10+ year experience in clanning multiple pure accounts even more mains 2x dmm winner 2x jcup winner best friend youll ever meet really nice butt looking for a new home that will accept me for me
  10. estonia is 3rd world poverty BAD country only homeless noob walking the street lithuania much superior richer handsome men and big army that can easy invade estonia anytime estonia is dirty poo stain of underwear of the baltics
  11. mak fun of cd again see wat happen to estonia lithuania drop BOMB on ur noob country best baltic
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