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  1. If you still rag for fun in 2k18 you should rope yourself tbh

    1. DilL


      You brought tanks when we brought pures. You're getting ragged everytime i see you lmfao gl

    2. Pauna


      I have dealt with worse than you lmfao bring it bby

  2. Try wearing your own cape first then i might take nm abit serious
  3. Time heals everything except @Aysix tiny feet:(

  4. Big on weekdays capeless on weekends ~nm things

  5. feels bad for Nightmare

    <03:19:49> "[six - prep life] six": what more can i do for supremacy btw

    <03:19:52> "[six - prep life] six": i wanna know
    <03:19:58> "[six - prep life] six": what can i do more
    <03:20:28> "[six - prep life] six": im just saying like what else needs to be done


    thought slavery ended awhile ago

  6. Lolling at nm some more

  7. Its impossible that every player was 16 years old at that time
  8. Reduced to teaming with bootleg ob gz on nothing
  9. Ay nm where yo cape at?

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