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  1. Kim

  2. pure account whos out there

    PSA: didn't ask
  3. pure account whos out there

    PSA: Still don't give a fuck
  4. What's the best Cereal?

    French toast crunch, or cinnamon toast crunch.
  5. banter
    How Desperate?

    PSA: Can you explain this?
  6. a better equation is if anyone can figure out how many times BV/EV closed in the past 3 yrs..... :kek:
  7. pure account whos out there

    PSA: No one gives a fuck.
  8. Is this the end for Supremacy? v2

    Seems to me your clan is already losing, you end an 80 man pull to aid fo and drop your T17 for a T30 yikes. I'm glad I leaked your shit you just made it 10x juicier for EOP lol. Bitch made clan, kyp. Easiest inside job i've ever had to accomplish LMFAO.
  9. unlucky sup, looks like its a 4 week streak of ending your trips to go in fo capes...
  10. SUP once again goes in fo capes 4 weeks in a row... When will the streak end? tune in next time on dbz..