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  1. cwa Supremacy vs Fatality F2P Prep 3-0

    Thanks for the fight Fatality.
  2. Let's all agree that EST carries F2P and GMT carries P2P. 

  3. cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    hell yeah i'm down.
  4. P2P Fridays?

    Being open for 4 years successfully while IR has closed countless of times and lost a rivalry to Zenith.. Sure man
  5. Outburst Vs Eop [2-0]

    wow nice invite.
  6. Oh fuck i forgot zoom was a snipe team early on. It wasn't that bad tbh because both clans pulled similar opts instead of one overpowering the other with +20 fights were clean 50v50's for a good month.
  7. cwa Supremacy vs Fatality 30v30 [2-1]

    ty 4 prep fi.
  8. It was like this first xLPC go around remember? OB v RP for like 2 weeks straight lmfao.