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  1. ChrisKush

    Teamsweden - 120+ combat - MAIN clan

    most people that join clans are not looking to rev cave action lmao? This clan should find out how to scout real main fights worth winning if you post here
  2. ChrisKush

    Teamsweden - 120+ combat - MAIN clan

    kinda looks like this clan camps rev cave pvmers LOL and loses with maxed tank gear ! Real pvp teams should learn how to scout real action and real fights lmaaaao
  3. ChrisKush

    cwa Fearless vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep | 3-0

    Free smoke.. free smoke ay 🎶
  4. action packed vid! Gz
  5. ChrisKush

    midweek Fearless Thursday 30+ Pigs Domination FT. Legacy

    good action Always Gz pigs
  6. clean topic and Deadly ACTION! Gz
  7. All about the action! Gz Fs Pigs 👑

  8. All about the action! Gz Fs Pigs 👑

  9. Hey @Prefade talking smack in game but your scouting pvmers LOL and struggling BTW

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    2. ChrisKush


      pm me for toxic staff smite picture ? and been here 11 weeks Imagine That

    3. Prefade


      Are you DK?

    4. Sybren


      I actually pmed you yesterday XD

  10. ChrisKush

    pkri Resurgence Sunday hunt ft Lil Cards Gwas x2

    Clean topic & Nice action ! GJ
  11. ChrisKush

    Northern vs Onslaught 2-0 sets

    nice action looked fun Gz
  12. ChrisKush

    Northern vs Fs f2p mini

  13. ChrisKush

    gratz me

    gz fs