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  1. True you did miss that part, but what the fuck is a zenith member talking about glory for? the only glory you know anything about is the one you use to tele out and go random worlds 40 times a trip.
  2. You seem to know a lot about me and I honestly can't say I have a clue who you are my man, but keep up the energy if it helps you cope.
  3. Bit naive to think that you could stay separate from the current pure scene just by being on 1 def accs - plenty meds can hit them at most popular fighting locations, a lot of people will have 1defs sitting unbonded. Unless you plan to do cwa only or sit at fog in a non pvp world it'll make little difference other than people not being able to use 107cb meds. I think most current or former pure clanners would like the idea of 1def being the standard, but at this point it wont achieve anything other than making people quit and making others make low level tanks.
  4. hey nawe u did teach me how to be an elite anal owner tbf
  5. theres no way proccy got u so rustled with 1 screen shot and like 20 words 3 weeks ago that you made a thread with 7 bullet points and screenshots (at least 4 of said bullet points are false fwiw)
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