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  1. was looking for a comment like this and I found it L0L gf
  2. couldn't wait to see the latest clan rage pk video on runescape so u made a forum topic lmao wtf
  3. alright what is it right now in case u decide to keep your current one?
  4. what's your rsn? I'm not on tomorrow but I'll save this for next weekend
  5. I guess getting a kill in a f2p return fight can also feel like an accomplishment for someone😂😂
  6. i think u should listen to yourself here
  7. can't believe someone actually said you're going to lose! so toxic smh!!!
  8. never heard of this mini team but the fact that they let h88 play and uploaded a pov when losing 2-1 in sets is telling me enough
  9. Another #1 spot for Rage on a sunday trip ahh yes
  10. ur legit most retarded person I've seen on this site. quote me and I'll post the vid of you crying on discord call again lmfao
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