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  1. i don't even know what he's mad about anymore lol
  2. if that's how u see it 🤷‍♂️
  3. bro i cba to even reply to a bs response like this hahah. Idc who u bring to ur events, if u wanna call those miniteam people that do minis with every team + clan possible ur members go ahead lol. U guys deserved the win, gf
  4. who's crying I literally just said it was a good fight lol are u ok?
  5. Replace their 5 or so best warrers (the invites) with their own members and the difference is huge lol. Idc that they had invites it was a better fight that way.
  6. Apparently you + alot of people on this topic don’t realise they had a bunch of invites from stam/ko/whatever miniteam they are. They’ve gotten better for sure but not this much better 😂 nonetheless was a good fight, looking forward to more gmt-friendly events bp 😊
  7. I'm sure we'll have np only focusing u in the future if that's what u want boy
  8. @Co0kiezsur a retard if u actually think rage was there to snipe only ur clan lol. maybe pk with ur eyes open next time
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