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  1. Asap

    lpc DMK ~ P2P Team ~

    hopefully u guys bring more action to the scene, gl
  2. Asap

    wtf zee

    idk who u are but u probably were in the clan for 2 weeks max
  3. wtf were you thinking piping up to mf lol
  4. Asap

    pure clans app

    I mean if this is true you're just really dumb
  5. fi really thought after pulling over 40 for the first time in months they got a chance against mf lmao
  6. Asap

    Misfits VS Fatality 20v20 2-1 PCL

    "prep us" l0l
  7. Most clans are like this but foe is just taking it even further than the rest
  8. not many pure clans around anymore..
  9. beginning of current lpc when all clans had 1 def
  10. Asap

    cwa Next fullout?

    no1 wants to do a full out cos u might lose and lose all ur members too
  11. Asap

    Weekend predictions

    just bring more mains, problem solved right?