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  1. surprising win gz terror, nice to see another clan getting active in p2p cwa
  2. Yes I'll take my brewcup medal ty. shoutout to fo and apex for forfeiting and giving rage another tourny win
  3. Fi took this loss really hard ahahah 25v25 is a prep opts not a mini. U can tell ur members it was a mini and the loss doesn’t matter ok who even cares what u call it lol
  4. sad to see one of the oldest clans at the bottom
  5. fo rly posting 15v15s in the prep section now
  6. sup can't even pull 30 there's no way they would accept an actual prep
  7. @puppyslushapeg and fo still avoiding Rage's prep requests. I guess it's time to award us and any1 else these pussies are avoiding their auto wins and wrap this thing up
  8. They’re afraid of the big bad Clan Rage
  9. does it make u feel uncomfortable having to watch ur clan getting violated on these forums?
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