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  1. If by #1 u mean it is your first clan (current version) then yeah sure I can believe that
  2. I think alot of people don’t care as much about runescape community awards as you seem to think. And actually my clan has claimed the #1 cotm award like 3 or 4 times in a row now. But just to make it clear to you: making a different system is not going to force clans prep vs clans they don’t want to.
  3. What you don’t seem to realise is that clans that don’t want to prep eachother still wont prep eachother just like right now. Using a different way to count points/rankings doesn’t change anything.
  4. At this point why don’t we all just go to cwa and fight matched everytime? Oh right, in that case all the shit clans could never ”claim” a win 😂
  5. BSA already said that he was "1 hit away from 26", which was done by himself. That means he had already gotten ~800 def xp on his own. Also I can think of many many reasons to block a freak like BSA. If you've come across his previous topics and posts about Rage you can clearly see he holds a grudge and this scam accusation is just another attempt to make Rage look bad.
  6. He was sat because he just wasn't good enough at the game, also in f2p where there are no expensive gear requirements.
  7. ^this Also what do u even need prep gear for? You're sitting all the rounds anyway @BSA
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