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  1. PornPolice

    join team revolution for daily gang bang

    Seems like you care
  2. PornPolice

    join team revolution for daily gang bang

    So ? You win some you lose some.🤷‍♂️
  3. PornPolice

    Can team Revolution stop bullying Apex?

    He's not even in the team 😂
  4. bassicly you just sniped the fight between apex and team revolution.
  5. PornPolice

    Exposing Legacy.

    Isn't FI the clan who starts beefing with new clans ?
  6. PornPolice

    TLP re-opening

    Best of luck if true.
  7. PornPolice

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

    Best of luck @Leen !
  8. PornPolice

    Which clan?

    I had a blast in Misfits ^^ cba about any other clan.
  9. PornPolice

    SUNDAY PK DAY (Ft. Ez Claws)

    Gratz lads !
  10. PornPolice

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    Never heard about you guys
  11. PornPolice

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    Thats the answer losers give mate. xlpc cb cap is 65 cb. You guys can't compete.
  12. PornPolice

    Somalis Tuesday Rev Caves

    Nice job lads, juicy looking loots and some clean GFX's