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  1. PornPolice

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    Thats the answer losers give mate. xlpc cb cap is 65 cb. You guys can't compete.
  2. PornPolice

    Somalis Tuesday Rev Caves

    Nice job lads, juicy looking loots and some clean GFX's
  3. PornPolice

    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    Wasn't even IR banner lol Rivalry over black hats.
  4. PornPolice

    weekend Blitzkrieg Midweek Ft.Divine/Ambush/Viet/ATL

    Gj Blitz
  5. PornPolice

    Looking for xlpc?

    NRG mate http://www.clan-nrg.com
  6. PornPolice

    Energy Curbstomps Immortal | Friday PKRI 40v40

    GJ Duracel bunny's !
  7. PornPolice

    Apex is doomed

    0 care
  8. PornPolice

    weekend Real winners of 1/21/2019

    Looks like a winner pov. Gratz on the win lads
  9. PornPolice

    lpc Legacy ~ LPC ~ Legends Never Die

    Best of luck lads !
  10. PornPolice

    Hi im Hatton

    aaah yeah I remember you on PW forums Welcome to the brew mate.
  11. PornPolice

    What Can i Say? NRG On Top.

    We're ballin
  12. PornPolice

    cwa [NRG] Energy vs. Immortal ~ 45v45 F2P Prep ~ 3-0

    aaah yes, winner clan.