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  1. Hm Rage has went in with both the main and pure scene, constant action, no close. FI has dealt with more shit than any clan currently open. One of 2 legacy clans still going. Terror, who the fuck is Terror?
  2. This is why the pure community struggles getting new recruits. So many recycled members... Newer people are afraid of Teamspeak and forums, for this very reason... Keep shooting yourselves in the foot dumb fucks. (Goes for everyone that has EVER doxed and/or DDOSed, Zenith or not).
  3. I was part of the main scene for YEARS, and I ultimately expected the f2p main scene to die. It was inevitable. The downturn started with the crash wars among the top clans and the excessively long fights, with no clear winners. The excessive amounts of flaming, doxing, and ddosing. New comers are not interested in dealing with it. I was part of Legacy for a few months, one of the 2 clans (other is zenith) that is attempting to mass recruit via spamming densely populated locations. The biggest fear of new comers was using an offsite forum and teamspeak. They were only interested in Discord, due to fear of their IP being leaked. Saddest part of all of this, it's adults flaming/doxing/ddosing other adults. The lack of maturity (amazing example is 80% of SharkBrew), is just astounding. I understand the competitive nature of clans, but so many takes it WAY too far. If you ask a random person their opinion on clans, they will say that clans are highly toxic. Doesn't help none that some will follow streamers flaming them and shit. Reddit is filled with screenshots of clans flaming individual players. PvP scene is small as it is, clan scene is even smaller. Clans have killed themselves. I'm hoping to see a bit of a increase in activity when Jagex implements the clan improvements in game. Hoping less toxic clans will imurge, and partially revive multi clanning. Unsure exactly what they are changing, but i have my suspicions and hopes. Pvp scene is dying in its entirety. F2p clanning is long gone, p2p is destined to have the same fate if shit doesn't change. Really comes down to leadership of individual clans.
  4. The only thing, as equally as retarded as clan wars, is f2p. Both are a boring joke.
  5. Fixed it for ya Imagine playing a priv server in 2019. You have to be truly shit at RS to do that...
  6. No thanks, tired of it being reset constantly. Was fun in 2012, but it's just blah now.
  7. As a member of Apex, really hope nox agrees to this, and really hope the ex-EOP in Apex will respect Nox enough to not use them... Shits gotten to be a bit much....
  8. Maybe because IR and Apex realize they don't need to attention and acknowledgment of the cancerbrew community? Or perhaps they realise all of the topics are BS propaganda to feed egos with lies and baits.
  9. Wish EVERYONE would stop with the mains, but it'll never happen. Med teams will always crash (due to the zerk/med/tank scene being even more dead than LPC). When they crash, one clan will always blame the other for using main, thus they will log into their mains. This will cause a snowball effect making the clan, actually not using mains, to login with their mains to try to compete. It's a never ending cycle. Plus, it doesn't help that the 4 LPC/Main clans will now openly use them regardless. LPC is fucked. The only solution is for everyone to adapt, and move up to the Med/zerk/tank scene. I'd say it would be HELLA active...
  10. It's well known, among everyone that actively rev pks, that FO ALWAYS uses zerks and meds. Don't get me wrong, with a unofficial midweek, don't understand the hate against it. Even I used a main while in FO, to do midweeks.
  11. I clan for fun, nothing more really. CBA to get too involved with rivalries anymore. May troll a little occasionally, but overall, I have nothing against anyone...aside from EOP and CD. They openly destroyed what it meant to actually clan on a pure.
  12. First of all its Foe, dont forget the ELITE. You actually called in 6 clans into 1 cape.. We got footage where u get cleared in 30 mins and u guys return in rags for 3-5 hours.. And we still played ur little game from CA to Corp and clapped all of you over and over.. Please take ur shit clan somewhere else because u guys arent even near our caliber.
  13. ^^^^this 100% Everyone blames 1 clan. Reality is that its in a shit state due to the mentality of everyone involved with the shittyness.
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