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  1. bossdark

    weekend Fatality's Sunday - Bee's are dead.

    Pretty sure Zee closed MF, not shittality. MF's core still ain't done with you, don't worry. :)
  2. Was fun Never knew FI was that bad. Legit got cleared EVERY time they tried to pipe up. Glad I decided against joining them...
  3. 2006, when clans actually half respected each other. Best era on the game for clanning...pures and mains both.
  4. bossdark

    How important are return tests?

    Return tests are just dumb imo. Takes NO effort to return anymore.
  5. bossdark

    P2P Fridays?

    Naw, rather stick to weekends only. I work Fridays myself.
  6. bossdark

    main ROT WINS MOGTIME Event ft. Fools

    Pretty sure you were hiding in Mogtimes capes for a good portion. But eh, whatever floats your goat.
  7. Both clans have pussy ass leaders that lie to their members with false propaganda. Neither clan will ever full out each other due to the aftermath effects.
  8. bossdark

    Zybez and snap promotions

    Sucks knowing that sharkbrew will be all that's left. The active sharkbrew community is concentrated with toxicity. I'd say a new community will be created to replace zybez. Sharkbrew is too toxic...
  9. Most hated Most propaganda from a single clan. Most autistic members. Having the most autistic leadership. Using the most mains. Uhhhhh...that's about it? They claim to be #1 pure clan for a couple years straight (even though they've closed 3 times during the 2 years). Can't really claim to be a pure clan when ya can't compete without mains.. Really haven't accomplished anything. Its easy to be toxic and hated. Harder to actually be a competing clan.
  10. bossdark

    Omg a day for us

    Didn't know Sharkbrew was so famous. Happy autism day Sharkbrew!!!
  11. bossdark

    Farewell from EoP

    5th time EOP has closed on OSRS alone. They never truly close...just irrelevant attention seeking dumb asses.
  12. Couldnt care regardless. EOP is irrelevant and always has been.
  13. EOP is based on propaganda and nothing more. If they gave FOE a fair 1vs1 and lost, they would close for the 5th or 6th time. Guess that's what happens when EOP has always had crappy leadership. Don't get me wrong, FOEs is pretty brown sticky stuff right now. Danny is the only decent leader at this current moment.