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  1. Uncle Dutch

    Veng Night Out Ft. Carnage + LOOT

    How come veng is this good bruh ! looks like you guys are having fun!
  2. Uncle Dutch

    xlpc The Plague -XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 CB

    Aah yes ! big winners !
  3. Uncle Dutch

    Today and tomorrow?

    ah yes ! be there !
  4. Uncle Dutch

    pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

    Checkout the community's yourself bud ! Find out what it is you want to do: clanwars / midweeks / official trips / just hang and such. join some teamspeaks/discords, talk to the boys and then make a decision. Goodluck ! LoveYou ❤️ weird canadian french guy
  5. Misfits |2016-2018|
    Had a good run with the BeeSquad !
    THNX all clans for the action


  6. Uncle Dutch

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    Aah yes ! gratz mf ! Was fun ! thnx for the action boys and gurls !
  7. Wasnt even the main speech XD. yes some boys changed their speech a little bit and let winnetou play it on the bot cuz thats how winne communicates with us in ts. we think it was funny.
  8. Uncle Dutch

    midweek Misfits Vs Hydra 2x pkri

    Thnx for the action Hydra !
  9. Uncle Dutch

    Misfits VS Fatality 12VS12 2-0

    Aah yes
  10. Uncle Dutch

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Always sad when a clan is closing. Hope you guys find a new home soon! Goodluck to all ex-war members !
  11. Uncle Dutch

    midweek Misfits vs SUP PKRI x2 Ft. Full Clear

    Ahhh yessyess! we big
  12. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! im comming for you bud ! be ready.. you were scared to fight up 10 lol ? Pm me on discord for clean 1v1s. bet you wont pussy
  13. 0jVrCAp.jpg

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    2. Zee
    3. `Prod


      Damn The birds and the bees face fucked the rev team LOL

    4. Jaya Bee

      Jaya Bee


  14. Uncle Dutch

    pure account 10+ years' pure clanning exp

    If you have no life and pk 24/7 in P2P -> https://www.misfits-rs.com/community/