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  1. Grats rage, Abraham called like a beast tbh - outmatched
  2. Well done FI, massive accomplishment. One of the first gen legacy clans
  3. I don’t know enough about the rivalry to comment. I went to a couple of supremacy events and was never asked to hop on my main, I did it myself when I saw terror had 90 in game (majority mains) and terror v sup was mainly singles, but all I can speak on is what I know. I do think that your comment about being able to wipe your hands as being an issue because you believe another clan started the problem (whether that is correct or not) is completely wrong and ignorant, in my opinion. Damn you @Kim, you got me involved in clan politics again..
  4. It’s a shame to see the scene like this.. pure clans used to strive for action. Throw back to even 2016 days when I was in Ruin and we had a high of 26 preps in a month (all 25 opts+). As someone who was a part of the pure clan revival in 2014, the reason it was so successful was because of the mentalities we had. All clan leaders were concerned more with action and fixing the scene than anything else. When you have that sort of mentality, any type of events are possible. We had successful runs at PCL, continued f2p and p2p matched wildy minis even after clan wars was released, and most clans were doing 5-10 10v10-15v15s a day. Sadly none of that is possible anymore and to me that is largely due to the clan leaders in this scene and members who are content with a boring, fruitless scene. Majority of the leaders that cared about the scene have either quit the game or left the scene as a whole - when there are clan leaders that care about the scene, they tend to breed members that have the same mentality, same goes for the opposite. So all you really have left are clan leaders that have been around way too long (for their own health) or leaders that have been around for a couple of years and their egos are through the roof You have clans like Rage throwing out apology ultimatums to clans. Clans like Terror who have actually had a decent introduction into the scene, however look like spastics for rocking up on weekends with 40 on ts and 90 in game (not sure if this is still happening or not). Then other clans basically avoiding trying to prep for high opt exciting fights in clan wars, because they either don’t want to give certain clans events or haven’t done clan wars for so long that they probably suck at it now. Pretty crazy to think that this is probably the most active the scene has ever been in terms of volume of clans and players, yet is the least active it has been in a long time in terms of action. Not sure I have a solution other than hoping clan leaders are able to come together and try to be better. Used to also be a time where members used to make leaders accountable, not sure that is happening anymore either.
  5. Grats Zu on taking #1 F2P Main team and #1 Matched XLPC in the space of 5 months as a lockdown clan
  6. Zu now the #1 F2P main team in the scene, proud to be a zerg. any scene any time btw
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