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  1. Soniqs

    Discussing a potential xLPC

    Long time no see @L3et #Mercy
  2. Soniqs

    Where are my ex-ruin/zu boys?

    @Upluk, ily baby come join Supremacy with the boys. I miss you <3
  3. Soniqs

    ZU vs FS f2p mini [2-1]

    F2p bby
  4. Soniqs

    Zerg Unit defeat AAO [3-0]

    Cheers for the events fellas
  5. Soniqs

    Zerg Unit v AAO [F2P Mini] 16v16

    Gj boys big activity
  6. Soniqs

    Zerg Unit v Px [F2P Mini]

    fuck you too asshole
  7. Soniqs

    Zerg Unit v Px [F2P Mini]

  8. Soniqs

    Fearless vs Zerg Unit F2P Mini [3-0]

    Yooo just a clan wars clan
  9. Soniqs

    Rev vs Rot single spells (video)

    CT are cucks lmfao
  10. Soniqs

    hi i probably killed ur clan

    My love
  11. Great gfx, good price and great person to deal with. Very flexible with any problems/changes you may have and gets them done quickly.
  12. Soniqs

    main Ruin KYP's sanity in their own timezone

    Oh my, very short fight