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  1. Damn Rage members even voting for foe
  2. So rage who had around 200 opts rather than fighting foe in multi they decide to go to barb village and fight supremacy in single who had less than 50? Fuck good luck getting those main clans to back you up again next week lmfao Stick to posting propaganda topics because warring on rs ain’t y’all thing
  3. They did. They still got smoked 😂
  4. Hard to aid a clan in a 100v100 clan wars fight. Stop being a bitch and accept
  5. Rage loses to apex 3-0 Rage watches Apex lose to Foe Rage mass logs into 50 mains to try be competitive Rage still Loses l0l0l0l
  6. Rage kids talk shit 24/7, get smoked week in week out, now taking a knee to FOE lmfao broken clan #onesidedrivalry @K2Pwins again
  7. Get smacked that hard in p2p on sunday you go to clan wars then hide in f2p for your midweeks. N1 l0l
  8. Better question. Why is his clan already dead
  9. Wonder when we’ll see the day rage stops posting their losing topics. Kids aren’t fooling anyone but their own members right now lmao
  10. Pulls 100 and goes to clan wars. Mfw Rage what the fuck are you actually doing. You shit talk foe. Get punished. Quickly try get out of that by shit talking legacy and get even more of a thrashing. Leadership needs a new approach because this shit talking ain’t doing sweet fuck all.
  11. Lmfao taking anyone. Standard zenith. Ah well hope your 30 def movement helps you get out of the ground, hope you don’t force your pures to get 30 and then close again in a few weeks time
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