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  1. fake propoganda aftermath by a fake dogshit main clan. you rats fucking suck
  2. 0 quality, more mains then pures, retarded weak minded leadership, no history. Rage will go in pure clanning history as the worst clan of all time lmao
  3. disgusting main clan. this is what you will be remembered for, dog shit quality and mains LMAO
  4. dog shit clan dropped from 57 in ts to 35 in an hour, keep calling Rev Warriors for help
  5. No mains, no ddosing, no Rage Dog shit main clan been getting fucked in every sort of event. Midweeks, preps, weekends, holy shit l0l.
  6. Excellent 2 minute POV Fucking dog shit 0 quality clan clan. You bend the knee to Niblet. Rage's meatshields lmfao.
  7. Not looking too good for dog shit main clan when they post fake propaganda topics like this. Cleared you once in the one 1v1 we had and didnt give enough fucks to post a topic. Get fucked, imagine having Zenith as your ally lmao.
  8. Nobody could confuse your disgusting fucked up face. DONT EVER PIPE UP IDIOT.
  9. your disgusting fucked up face is engrained into my brain
  10. Pussies didnt dare enter drag pit i love it LOOOL. Your boyfriends were getting fucked while you stood idle sniping kills
  11. You spammed all that for a 4 man clump while Legacy are raping your boyfriends in drag pit? Your clan is a fucking joke for a reason lmao.
  12. shut the fuck up you rat Every Rage member knows how bad you got fucked. 15+ Meds and you still got destroyed LOL
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