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  1. Zenith ragged Legacy for 2 months before opening. Playing victim wont save you.
  2. l0000l holy shit what a desperate fucking clan. These retards are desperate as fuck, i fucking love it wb Tannie
  3. They haven't won a single prep in the 5 months they've been open lol, they avoid and will never prep us.
  4. Zenith lost the only activity that their clan has lmfao, fucking dog shit rats are demoralized i love it
  5. @BackWoodsL Stop playing stupid you fucking rat. Keep playing victim and we'll embarrass you more.
  6. Congrats on starting with 50 and ending with 15, farmed for 2 hours with your boyfriends. Easy af
  7. This is your attempt at propaganda after we released the audio of your tranny leader stuttering like an autist l0l I'm going to keep it very simple for you 10 IQ Zenith retards. Nobody in the Pure Community gives a fuck about Zenith. You retards are the typical bottom of the barrel masser clan, which is why you pay 10m per recruit. You still haven't won a single prep in the 5 months you've been open either, wtf l0l. You guys are a fucking joke, nobody takes you seriously. You're the rejects of the pure community lead by a tranny lmao.
  8. fucking broken retards every week their twink leader gives a cringe motivation speech only to get face fucked, back to the drawing board you fucking mongs l0000l
  9. irrelevant dog shit clan, we dictate your trips retards. bow down to your masters you fucking slaves
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