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  1. Your own video shows nrg coming to save you kids lma0, you expect a clan to fight 2v1 when is littlery matched opts... gj nevertheless lma0
  2. Gj they are best in making propaganda topics lmao
  3. Thinkmax92

    All Right break it down Legacy?

    Just check their forums why make a big deal out of it ...
  4. Thinkmax92

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    L0000000l shitheads got exposed...
  5. Thinkmax92

    pure/midweek/verified BT Clears XL Down 5 Was EZ!!!

    Hope to see you this weekend gj
  6. LMAO watch the Video, there retard with our capes on... come up with something new to proff...
  7. Climax and this clan... scene going leet
  8. Thinkmax92

    Any IMT Rank+

  9. Thinkmax92

    watfuk is this lmao

    I wonder if this retard can even make a clan 1st... umadbro?
  10. How can you even put "vs" when you don't even fight but just snipe lo0l garbage unit