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  1. Thinkmax92

    Looking for XLPC clan

    Join #immortal, were active in discord but scene isn't active were just chilling in discord.
  2. Thinkmax92

    EOP Returns to kill Foe

    Lma0 do not close now,ever for "good" l00l, gl.
  3. Look at these fool rage kids trying to find excuses about the win lma0
  4. You're video clearly shows xl and ph kids always around your fight even when youre up 7 lol just sniping... stop trying
  5. Lol did fs reopen? Lpc or xlpc?
  6. Thinkmax92

    Clan of The Month - February 2019

    I can already see IMT taking over everthing.
  7. I can see that you cleared divine all the fights you had with them. Gj
  8. L0l after watching rage video, you guys were cleared in every fight lmao, you should have not make this topic l0l Edit: even rage cleared you l00000l dont close like Nrg.
  9. Thinkmax92

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ] + ft 50

    L000l look at these divine kids think that they made IMT run to clan wars l00l, it's pretty obvious IMT won't 45 vs 100 l0l
  10. L00000l wtf are you trying to do lma0? One time you pulled 55 and you're hyped...
  11. L00000l you're members know that you're bsing l0l,