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  1. PICwarior381

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    Gz looked fun
  2. PICwarior381

    Hydra is ruining my game play -.-

    Bring Zybez back
  3. PICwarior381

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ]

    can these niggas win something? gz imt
  4. PICwarior381

    pure/weekend/verified Bad Timing Dicking AP/XL ft NRG/DV/CX

    l00000000000000000000000l you spazzzzzz #TE
  5. Btw my edge recruits took a big shit on apocalypse

  6. PICwarior381

    pure/weekend/verified Bad Timing Dicking AP/XL ft NRG/DV/CX

    Your ass got raped at ca
  7. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Today we pulled 30 strong baguettes lmfaooo later peaking at 38 very very strong baguettes Little shoutout: @Control Pker @Apocalypse Both of you really thought you could kill us? You just lost to my edge recruits bro you so shit First fight: We were massing at edge but these niggas XL kept on following us like little pussies So we decided to go west of 13 ports and rush 13 Wish they did and got fucked in the ass even tho they had opts on us, nrg crashed but we kept on focusing XL till we put them in their place wish is singles. Second fight: I don't know what happened to XL but they decided to grow some balls and go past fog but unfortunately we had to punish them So we dded, logged in to 308 and just starting to rape them one by one they ran south CX was there with some snipe team, we pushed cx and the snipe team to singles and cleared XL Third fight We knew that NRG was south of 13 ports so we decided to rush them We dropped a lot of them so they ran to ca and did a little return fight After a couple of minutes xl came in with 40 sniping us from behind we ran to corp hill and then Apocashit crashed cause that's how they can make a fake win Ty for action nrg was fun Fourth fight We fought Apocashit and XL and I'll be honest, I'm not going to comment on this since it was just a rape scene Apocashit and XL you both are fucking dog shit don't pipe up to me On that note Ty for the action it was a good day but fuck Apocashit and XL retards Shoutouts: Yes I want to shoutout my edge recruits who once again showed up and owned AP and XL @PICwarior381pov @Dzekopov
  8. PICwarior381

    xlpc question

    I'll be honest, Bad Timing vs Ascent that was some good rivalry content
  9. PICwarior381

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    gz !
  10. BT: "Yo let's have a pkri right now" AP: "Wait man we regrouping" 1 hour later AP: "Wait we got 10 we are still regrouping" Jokes