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  1. Maybe check yourself into a mental hospital if you take RuneScape clanning that srs
  2. Ngl control is honest when his clan loses. The clanning scene needs more leaders that verbally admit when they lose
  3. BT smoked ap 2-0 in multi, 2-0 in singles, gf retards I wish I recorded control demoralizedand yelling at his members

  4. Uhm lol your members don't even believe your own propaganda but expected from apoc
  5. The fact that you made a post about it suggests you're scared about the FS raggers
  6. Your leader takes the fall ins on hus tank. Stop being a fucking hypocrite
  7. Just smoked ap on their opening trip. What did you do this weekend?

    1. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      Well let me see...
      Friday night I got back from work, hit the LCBO and grabbed 12 pack of Budweiser and had a good time.
      Satuday, oof.. woke up from my hangover, had a shower at around 1pm, met my girlfriend around 3, went to dinner, had a medium rare steak with some spicy vegetables, went home to relax with her and watched some Netflix while rocking the bed as the young folk would say.
      Sunday, woke up to morning sex, then she left unfortunately around 2, then I ended up playing Fortnite and NHL 19 due to being bored, and went to bed pretty early at roughly 9pm.

      Today, I'm just enjoying my time playing some Runescape, not a lot of it though, probably go to my dads later for some dinner, then go back to work tomorrow afternoon!

    2. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Worked 18 hours in Poland on deployment because I’m retarded nd joined the military. Go me. 

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