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  1. Propaganda Spreader

    unofficial Energy | Unofficial Saturday Trip <3

    Eop looks strong in xlpc
  2. Propaganda Spreader

    How to KYP a Clan

    Damn dude you're making your clan look really cringe, not a good look buddy
  3. As an unbiased observer, I've noticed that imt hasn't had a single successful trip since they piped up to rampage. Probably just a coincidence though

  4. Propaganda Spreader

    How to KYP a Clan

    If IMT is better matched then prep? Don't claim #1 matched when you keep declining preps. Cant claim #1 wildy either when 90% of trip is spent in singles
  5. Sucks to be immortal and lose more fights than xl
  6. Propaganda Spreader

    weekend Immortal decimates Rampage *Matched Ops* ft TP/Anonymous

    ? Half your video is you in singles. Did you upload the wrong video
  7. You claim to have won but who really is winning when 300 people waste 2 hours of their life
  8. IMT dropped down to #6 xlpc after today while rampage undisputedly took #1

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    2. Warbow


      Rp, noxi and tp were the only clans to recieve wins today, so obviously those 3. Anon, xl and imt only took losses @Scims

    3. Propaganda Spreader

      Propaganda Spreader

      It sounds like IMT wants to fight the low tier clans and avoid RP

    4. Warbow


      Aysix, most of your clan is 57+ cb. Stop crying more than your baby. Yikes

  9. Good pull, glad I was wrong when I thought you would die with ascent
  10. Propaganda Spreader

    weekend Rampage Saturday Demolition ft. Imt, noxi and xl

    IMT is dogshit
  11. Propaganda Spreader


    Apex will be relegated to clan wars team after a few months
  12. Since most imt members are new to clanning, once you run to singles it's fucking over
  13. IMT was up 15 opts and still lost, aka the new xl of the scene
  14. Why does imt have emotional 10 year olds writing their losing topics?
  15. Stay easy immortal, your clan is dogshit and loses to xl on the daily