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  1. The unbreakable Final Ownage Elite really got these niggas trippin out here
  2. Why are other clans acting like its a big deal? this is 2019 rot they are weak and struggle vs pures whahahahah lets go
  3. after losing the rivalry vs fo they lose prep to fi ROLF
  4. enough of these cringe retard xlpc posts, can we all have a moment of silent for clan apex?

    rip apex :/

  5. Thoughts on ur own members uploading losing POVs after no weekend aftermaths for 4 weeks?
  6. say NO to bullying they have a hard enough time already
  7. from losing trips to losing on midweeks to losing in clw where will this stop for apex
  8. uploading a losing POV #justapexthings -  #justapexthings is trending on twitter right now guys

    1. Maxx
    2. toenail884cutter7


      I havent seen any other clan ever doing it, so it is just an apex thing I guess, #justapexthings

    3. slimjim
  9. Apex really just posted a trip topic showing them losing 4 times in a row LOOOL respect to the idiot that uploaded the video with cape counter on to show foe winning

  10. Havent u seen todays Apex Audio Leak? Not a single human in this world can save them bro sorry
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