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  1. The  Punisher

    cwa [NRG] Energy vs. Immortal ~ 45v45 F2P Prep ~ 3-0

    Gf, thank you for prep
  2. The  Punisher

    @EX CD

    CD should reopen while xLPC is as active as it is. Lets keep it going boys.
  3. The  Punisher

    Deca Intro

    Hey Deca 😃
  4. The  Punisher

    Energy Monday [Jan 15th] Ft. XL, TP, Outlaws

    Good job Energy, looked like fun. Lets keep these midweeks going.
  5. The  Punisher

    Despite everything....

    xLPC seems pretty clean at the moment
  6. The  Punisher

    IMT Toxine

  7. The  Punisher

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    Not sure, but looked like a very long fight. Nice to see clans compete at that level of not wanting to lose. Good job to both clans, regardless of the action.
  8. The  Punisher

    some1 update me plz

    Looks like Foe won the initial fight but Apex outlasted them.
  9. The  Punisher

    weekend Climax Takes #1 XLPC Sunday 1/13/18

    Good action Climax, looked like alot of fun.
  10. The  Punisher

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    Good fights Energy, fights were quite fun.
  11. ' Today we left mass with 40 Immortal members and later peaked at 53. We fought Energy multiple times and came out on top, ultimately causing them to end early. Thank you to Energy for the action and we hope to have more clean fights in the future. If you're interested in joining Immortal, please visit www.Rs-imt.com and click on Discord, afterwards message an Overlord.