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  1. The  Punisher

    Xlpc Rankings

    1. IMT 2. BT/Apoc 3. Envy 4. Divine/NRG
  2. The  Punisher

    cwa Divine vs. Apocalypse - CW Prep (3-0)

    Im surprised you were able to pull 20, grats on the big mini
  3. Much easier then i expected knowing they've got an army of mains camping us.
  4. Over the past weekend we started fighting NRG for #1 in the xLPC scene and it was the biggest orgy of mains we've seen in any fight over the past 2 months.Throughout the trip we had 10+ mains next to our fall in camping us in single in our capes, following us wherever we went. So we asked around trying to figure who's mains they were and turns out its a bunch of kids who get paid GP to camp other clans, all Fearless members, endorsed by Energy and Tribe. Energy have been playing it off and telling their members it was our mains because "they wore IMT capes". Anyways if you want any further evidence watch our PK trip video and that should be enough proof. We've all seen how the LPC scene destroyed it self with the open use of mains. As for Energy, a handful of your own members have already left because of your open use of no honor tactics, stop using mains before its too late and everybody else joins in on the cancer you've started. https://i.gyazo.com/c139cce5d33c50b2cc3e04c551afba2d.mp4
  5. Was easier then expected. Sad to see them using mains though.
  6. Was fun, good job guys 😃
  7. The  Punisher

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    No need to lie about the amount of money you got scammed for, that wont lessen the fact that you made an ass out of yourself lmao
  8. The  Punisher

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    I think Elmir was telling me it was up to 70m now.. lmao. Thats funny
  9. We've got 2-3 lvl 71s who have 60 attack and are currently training accounts. Jordai was sniping you after we had already ended. Stop the teaming please.
  10. Nice audio from when we're massing before even going out... This speaks volumes for how desperate you've become. Sad times for xLPC.
  11. Good fights, was fun when Divine wasn't there to interfere. I had a decent amount of respect for NRG but after this recent alliance you've formed with Divine I'd have to say I'm very disappointed. Good luck regardless
  12. ' Today Immortal left mass with 60 members. Initially we rushed both clans in Varrock Sewers PvP and rolled over them. Afterwards they moved it to the wilderness in which we would rush either Divine or Energy and as expected they would off each other and only focus us. We managed to clear both clans in the few times they weren't standing next to each other in a fall in. After The Rat Alliance realised wilderness wasn't an option, Divine and Energy went back to their homeland, Varrock Sewers. What followed next was a 2 hour orgy of mains, high leveled pures, and shit clans teaming. The teaming continued inside their rat lair however we made easy work of them and ended our trip not wanting to get ragged by mains in our capes for the next 3 hours. Shoutout to Divine for dropping from their 60 pull last week to 35 this week. If you're interested in joining Immortal, go to www.Rs-Imt.com and click Discord. Message an Overlord to join. Please watch the video to make your own assessment.
  13. imagine being so triggered that you dedicate an entire topic to a clan yet they're not in the video yikes