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  1. The  Punisher

    cwa Immortal Vs. Sudden Knockout - First to 100 Kills (41 Vs. 47)

    Good fight Rampage, Energy, Divine, and Rage all wrapped in one clan haha
  2. The  Punisher

    cwa Immortal Vs. Sudden Knockout - First to 100 Kills (41 Vs. 47)

    Intense fight, ty for action SKO
  3. Immortal Vs. Sudden Knockout IMT Starting : 41 SKO Starting : 47 After our Sunday PK trip we approached Sudden Knockout for a first to 100 Kills PKRI. The fight was super close and at one point IMT were down 12 kills but we managed to come out on top with the result being : IMT Kills : 100 SKO Kills : 96 Thank you to SKO for the great fight.
  4. It seems that the FOE rank has stepped down so ROT wouldn't camp FOE anymore. I was looking forward to FOE taking on ROT. It would have been pretty cool if every other pure clan joined in to kyp ROT.
  5. The  Punisher

    Clan of The Month - February 2019

    Thank you
  6. How much did you pay for those public chat leaks
  7. The  Punisher

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    Awesome fight, both clans kept it close until we inched away in the last few minutes. Thanks for the fight Rage.
  8. The  Punisher

    Which clan?

  9. The  Punisher

    Which clan?

  10. Thanks for the action Rage, fun fights.
  11. You guys are embarrassing yourselves by making topics to stay relevant. Just accept your fate and move on.
  12. Looks like Divine got destroyed, I see them closing very soon, hopefully not
  13. NRG close and Divine lose COTM finals on the same day, thats crazyyy
  14. Rat alliance in shambles
  15. The  Punisher

    RIP nrg?

    Imagine closing a clan because one rank goes inactive