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  1. u guys openly team with 3 other clans, u should close ur doors immediately
  2. in Lord Drunkin R2h Valor Trusts
  3. from an unbiased pov I think legacy did indeed end up winning this fight
  4. They're already openly teaming with Apex... yikes zenith really is embarrassing man lol
  5. garbage content proud 2 be one of the 99% that didn't watch this
  6. It is a very disappointing thing that a clan would openly team on [LT]Sam's soldiers. Apex should be ashamed of themselves for holding [Z]C00kie's hand...
  7. from an unbiased POV EOP still is worst legacy clan there has ever been
  8. wait is that clans name really irrelevant outcasts? l0l
  9. Two of the greatest and most respected clans to close more than 3 times each. Facts only
  10. Vote on this shit. You newfags are cringe with the audio leaks every weekend like everyone cares lmfao!
  11. Look at all these angry xLPCs we closed l0l
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