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  1. Rinse

    The real reason why Divine Closed..

    Not even going to lie, easiest 'rivalry' I've ever been apart of. Easier than NRG. Ironically, the alliance was shattered by dictator Immortal. To the honorable Divine members, we mean no harm by this topic. This is strictly a business move to make sure Scims knows his place. Phone home. Join the #1 XLPC - Immortals
  2. ye bruv i'm at the pub as we speak drinking green beer celebrating my grandpappis heritage
  3. Rinse

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    We've asked, and asked, and asked, and asked, so whatever you're being fed right now is incorrect. The last convo we had was that 7pm EST was too late, when you guys are pulling 50s.
  4. Rinse

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    You won't prep us tho, so.... how you gonna do that big bub?
  5. Rinse

    friendly The fight for #1 Matched

    Neither of you are #1 matched lmfao
  6. Rinse

    Clan of The Month - February 2019

    ez game of scape tbh
  7. Rinse

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    tell me ur that disgusting brit bong that went by tesco, right? LMFAO it's only right your sweaty self is still around here chatting shit in 2019
  8. Rinse

    @Damage Control

  9. LOL is this operation sodapop bro? Super impressive 'leaking' a public channel meanwhile, I've had to switch to join.me leaks cause your audio has lowered my IQ by 15 points
  10. Rinse

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    Just so you know, it's not Rage 2v1'ing.... It's Immortal 2v1'ing, lol. You think Divine is gonna hit you over us? Nah big boy. We want & take all the smoke. Go look at how obsessive they are of us. It's hilarious.