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  1. lmao ur weird ass still plays smh
  2. Rinse


    nice become a clan and quit sniping imt ty
  3. Rinse


    nice job good to see a new clan
  4. Rinse

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    You should step into the wilderness
  5. Rinse

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    Had a great time beating NRG. They got the best of us in one fight, but ultimately the champs came out on top 2-1. GGs in the chat
  6. You guys should come on Saturday & Sundays
  7. You're a combination of Rampage, who pulled 40s by themselves & couldn't handle the heat vs IMT, EOP, Ascent who always have a unit of 15+ kids and should still be their own clan. Clearly were dropped on your head as a child ps: you never had below 40 the whole trip, Immortal fought you 37 v 52 as the lowest opt fight. Not sure why you're lying about your opts in 2k19 m8
  8. Rinse

    Regarding the Pure Community

    What it comes down to IMO, especially in the 'lpc' (I guess that's what you kids call it,) is the fact that the leadership structures are egotistical retards that find it more fun to do anything they can to kill ONE clan versus them all. For ex, IR wants to kill SUP and SUP only, and vice versa. So instead of killing Fi and back when they were pulling 60s, Apex, they decide to camp SUP, get in a cancerous main war to see who can build the most mains, and that gets old real quick, scene dies. These newkids leading clans now need to learn to spread the love. Fight everyone, not just one clan. Also, we severely lack the Duvals, BVGs, Hassans, & even myself now. There's no younger kids out there that have any leadership skills or that have the kahunas to attempt to open their own clan, so it remains about 4 stale, boring clans in the lpc scene. The easiest clan to make rn is xLPC, and it looks a little promising. If the Snipe Teams would just grow a pair of balls and become a real clan, the scene could thrive. It's probably the only chance the pc has tbh. Clans like Apex shouldn't ever be #1 lol
  9. Rinse

    showcase Pot head siggy

    definitely not a pothed but that sig is nice bruh
  10. Rinse

    midweek [IMT] Immortal Vs. Overdose F2P Prep

    Thanks for the fights Overdose. Respect fellars.
  11. ramp·ant /ˈrampənt/ adjective 1. (especially of something unwelcome or unpleasant) flourishing or spreading unchecked.
  12. Rinse

    How to KYP a Clan

    remember, rinse did this 2 u kiddo, very easily 2 mad virgins in rampant
  13. hacking, ddosing fags shit kids toxic community full of really weird kids proud 2 say i've never been eop and wouldn't ever be