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  1. Look at all these angry xLPCs we closed l0l
  2. Ever since we closed the trio of dog shit, we've been searching for our next opponents... Power Hunters stepped up for a prep, and we showed Dr Scims our scim. Good fights, old friends. Looking forward for more. [✓] Divine [✓] Energy [✓] Rage Who is next...? Don't forget to kiss the ring, world.
  3. CD pre-eoc was Complete Domination, not this CD. Lol.
  4. u guys have the ugliest uni i've ever seen in my life l0 red cape and pink hat? wtf
  5. Oi love to see main clans doing f2p again. wish the scene would revive
  6. nawe worst accent ir 2k19
  7. thanks for the free bumps loser clans above LOL! #1 xLPC very easy scene
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