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  1. imt ran nrg to singles when nrg didn't have their mains log in quick enough yikes
  2. lmao imt vs all xlpc clans + mains https://i.gyazo.com/c139cce5d33c50b2cc3e04c551afba2d.mp4
  3. smoked nrg so bad they had to resort to mains oh yeah, divine pulls 20 now after losing to imt in a prep 😬
  4. even ur videos thumbnail shows the superior clan join imt for way out
  5. damn failed propaganda with that leaked audio The whole audio clip is us during massing lmfaoooo and doing the first channel hop to start the trip I mean damn I would use propaganda if I was apart of a trash clan like divine
  6. Literally the definition of sharkbrew, you guys are biased, and dominated not by one clan but by the staff who don't really give a fuck about the community, and their word goes no matter what. Anyways, there is literally no other site other than cough trash-arkbrew, for clan community forums as I said. So everyone will stay here, needless to say everyone knows what happend is wrong and like 90% of the posts on this thread want phil to be demoted, but hey its all good Phil is a staff and he DOX'ed, so sharkbrew won't demote him and be biased. If an ex staff did this, hey, they'll ban them from the forums.
  7. Doxing shouldn't be allowed by a rank. He should get a demotion doesn't matter what the scenario is. It's amusing though, I love how it is corrupt, no one really likes this site but they continue using it because theres no other pure community site at all @slushpuppy So put that in your mind. No one likes your website, you're corrupt along with your staff.
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