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  1. we had 1 guy that was 67 and shawn was 66 that guy was a last minute joiner and he was going on his 50 to redo the chall but yall dipped so idk bruh.
  2. but he logged on a 50 and u still dipped >.<
  3. bruh you don't want these hands divine was 4 clans in one and we smoked them. Vendetta is like a little league Divine.
  4. lol u know im jus messing its just that some of those rampage scum are big talk and retards in ur clan but all the best over at vd. idk if this scene interests me yet still too low combat and it would be a miracle to get a prep. refer to the cig below
  5. you're fighting 50s on 60s big woop lmfao in the little leagues of xLPC
  6. rampage v5 reduced to fighting 50s in the little leagues l0l
  7. Www.rs-imt.com only xlpc still kicking closes all the other clans
  8. @Scimsyou’re still my bitch lmfao keep trying but you’re already closed.
  9. I already broke your clan and closed you twice now so you just sit on discord and watch events and think you’re winning this so called rivalry? Lmao easiest clan I ever closed noxi and divine. You’re clan closed what are u even on about you think we care about a big xlpc mini we took xlpc cotm and you’re still butt hurt lmfao.
  10. I forgot to mention u just had ur opening trip so that was 2 weeks u lasted? easiest clan i closed lmfao
  11. Here's 5 reasons why Divine Closed. 1. Weak Leadership (Scims) 2. Ryan can't call anymore LOL 3. Slumped to having snipe trips by Immortal 4. Operation Ball Hog Closure of NOXI 4. Bad Quality couldn't compete 5. The main reason save the best for last Suck the ring http://www.rs-imt.com/ for a way out.
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