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  1. Many things wrong with your topic. - Didn't mention that SF fought down 10 and still managed to get you for an elder maul - Regardless of if it is 150k loot ALL killpics Matter - Where are your clan pips? - Thought you said you were gonna upload this unedited 🤔 - Nice Overlays ...I could go on forever. But GF, we let you have your little egos for too long
  2. BOTH of ya brought mains. Reasons why f2p saturdays give me brain cancer
  3. Nice work Sup, but I think you are one of many who destroyed rage on their anniversary Off Rage
  4. Good one Rage. Also thanks for the Ballista, now my family can eat tonight
  5. Trying to find out why you placed as midweek when it's only a Monday
  6. Like share and sub if you enjoy! ...or comment all sorts of banter LMAO
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