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  1. Outrage would glad to have ya mate Discord -https://discord.gg/tRHnJ6m Forums-https://outrage-rs.org/community/
  2. Weird how there was no mains to be seen all around and FO wasn't there once to crash... Crazy coincidence
  3. Thanks for the clean action, hope for more in the future
  4. Sigh* a year ago you were still leading your xlpc snipe that ended up closing multiple times 😂. "Slaving", matey im not the one making these shit topics every week trying to revive a dead clan. When those 22 invites of your don't show up this weekend and your forced to not come out, wonder what topic you'll be making 😂.
  5. ...? listen to yourself for once bud or use your eyes to actually read what you type out bud. I have nothing against you or FO, but shit propaganda like yours will get .5ed anyday buddy. Stop crying and go do your inners.
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