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  1. On this fine Saturday EnVy massed up 45 maple shortbow wielding Bandits to hand out some smoke to the XLPC Scene. Today's trip was a lot of fun action for most clans featuring clusters throughout with all clans attending. All clans pulling similar opts allowing for good fights for all. @DilL and his toxic snipe team are still trying to ruin the XLPC scene by cape hopping and ragging XLPC's fights, what more would you expect from a bias moderator on this website? Featuring good return fights and dominating clusters the video is well worth a watch! Ty for action Zerg Unit, Terror, Astro and Excel!
  2. Come check out EnVy, pm me for discord and teamspeak info
  3. Any LPC which helps Astro will see their rivals opts go up by 70, hope this helps

  4. wow green capes look like they know how to use rune scimitars good
  5. On this fine Thursday (I think lol?) EnVy massed up 27 bandits to hand out the smoke in the Clan Wars Arena. After bias sharkbrew mod @DilL kicked EnVy out the CWA tournament due to taking his high council rank in Astro (lmfao), and getting bullied everytime they set foot in the wilderness by EnVy's superior super pures. We decided to just set up a prep outside of the tournament and smoke these kids on our xlpc accounts regardless. After threatening the use of tanks all week then only pulling 32 lol, losing matched opts in CWA and Astro leader begging Hassan for off (audio coming soon stay tuned) Asstro clan can't have long left before closure. Round 1: EnVy Starting: 25 EnVy Ending: 15 Asstro Starting: 25 Asstro ending: 0 Round 2: EnVy Starting: 27 EnVy Ending: 16 Asstro Starting: 27 Asstro ending: 0 Round 3: EnVy Starting: 25 EnVy Ending: 19 Asstro Starting: 25 Asstro ending: 0
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