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  1. The boy toxin to envy/bv can’t remember which
  2. Can’t wait to rag the xlpc scene with my mains, who’s first?

  3. Elder contracts available now btw

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    2. 'Jamie


      flames eop bc he big man foc, still has eop sigs in sb sig

    3. Cody9204


      yeah, no shit i flamed eop. they literally reopened it because 5-6 people couldnt fit into other clan communities after closing undisputed #1 and proceeded to get shit on by every clan out there and then lose to foe with 90 mains and close again.

      you're god damned right i flamed that shit version of eop. the version of eop in my sig was undefeated tyvm.

    4. TheReal


      Ha ha cody eop doxed you and you still begged for member rank cause you’re a beta male

  4. TheReal

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    I rag ur clan first elite member singles
  5. TheReal

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    Just dusting down my tanks xlpc scene ain’t ready
  6. Dam elmir really got their ass looool
  7. TheReal

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    @DilLthat’s my high council right there
  8. BV coming 2021 expect us

    1. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Damn nigga thats too far lets make it 2k20

  9. Envy are having Christmas off as a whole but xlpc scene expect us in the new year, Merry Christmas everyone

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    2. NiggV


      9 hours ago, POWER FLOWER said:

      when will envy come back to lpc?

      not anytime soon bro after we kill xlpc

    3. Cody9204


      That's what envy always says when they get bullied out of a scene. Big yiker from me.

    4. Warbow


      Good to hear. So is rampage. See you Jan 2

  10. TheReal

    weekend Immortal Goes PKing on a Friday night

    Good job and nice pull
  11. Xlpc best scene btw fuck that lpc main shit

    1. Crow Gang

      Crow Gang

      ya i agree training a real pure is hard 

  12. Gj @Scimskeep up the good work
  13. You'd know about it if EnVy wanted to bring mains spastic
  14. Join EnVy today! New leadership and new era come check it out!