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  1. TheReal

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Ahh runescape.com btw
  2. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Remember when I closed aao?? ha ha
  3. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    @Molly EskamI see u dawg
  4. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    June 1st see u both there
  5. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Do you fancy me
  6. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    BV cuh
  7. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    I founded bloody vikingz the best clan runescape.com has ever seen, and u??
  8. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Who u again
  9. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Lemme know when you start pulling out of the 20s and I’ll reopen
  10. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    Lemme know how your 7 year anni went bro (you closed a week after)
  11. TheReal

    @lpc scene

    June 1st 100 EnVy bandits incoming ps: CD if u can stay open that long we’ll be seeing you then
  12. TheReal

    Status Update

    2019 and we still have betas out here making apology topics
  13. Just a reminder me and @Enzastill on the throne

    1. Enza


      facts, do something about it

      reply to discord btw lmao

    2. TheReal


      Don’t have my pc until tomorrow I gotchu then tho

  14. TheReal


    Ah yes we coming