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Found 20 results

  1. HOSTED BY WULY :: Starting Details: ON MARCH 29TH (7pm EASTERN!) We will be hosting a Tournament in LMS! The 1st Place Winner will be awarded with 10m! Entry Reqs: No entree Fee! Anyone is able to join this tournament. You MUST however be in our community discord channel (Clutch Company 1v1 LMS Tournament) We will be giving our ranks for the first place all the way down to 10th place for bragging rights in our discord server. We need 24 entrants in order to start the first lms tournament! (INVITE YOUR PK FRIENDS) We hope to continue to do this weekly and in even greater hopes to bring the 1v1 scene to the next level! I have picked a world (390) Which is a lms server that is non active so we can get a full game in with all the entrants! Contact Information :: Discord Name (Wuly#1341) add me for any questions or request a invite! If you wish to contact us in another way or have any questions about our discord channel. Our Clan Chat is always open. Clutch Co Our Discord Channel Link Will Be Provided Below! GOOD LUCK! https://discord.gg/Q6RWud
  2. Approximately 2 months ago we have started a 25 defence miniwar tournament (Rash and I). We are very happy that most of the clans and teams have signed up for this tournament, 14 teams to be precise. Some more invested than others, but looking back we think that it was good action for the teams that participated and we will be organising more events in the future. Make sure to keep an eye on the announcement section in discord and forums. Those were the teams that participated and their respective wins/losses: The top 6 teams were: Team K.O Pups Apex Team Tikeri Golf Wang Team Synergy Those teams were seeded against each other and Team K.O and Pups battled in the final against each other. The winners of this tournament are Team K.O!!! They have managed to go undefeated from start till end and thus emerged as the victors. Very impressive! Here is your signature! - And your prize: Some of the povs in the spoiler:
  3. David#4945 OP#9663 Stoned God#7133 PM them for tourny minis
  4. Discord: gEzEjR | 'Wolves Den' CC Thursday, April 30th: Terror massed up ~45 Wolves for the first round of the SharkBrew XLPC Tournament. Our first fight was against Excel, who came out and caught us off guard rounds 1 & 2. We were able to tweak our mistakes after the first two rounds and win the pkri with a dominating performance. This was one of our most enjoyable events to date, and we are looking forward to more high opt preps like this in the future. Media ~Pinoyz ~Super Smoke
  5. XLPC is synonymous for Big Wang Wang Panda Gang Today we prep'd Zerg Unit for a 30v30, but unfortunately a lot of RP members had graduation day today.. So RP was only able to pull 27 Shout out to ZU for matching so we didn't have to double log to match R1 - Defending Start: 27 || End: 13 R2 - Attacking Start: 27 || End: 15 R3 - PKRI Start: 28 || End: 9 Ty for prep ZU, another quality clan
  6. Nick Brock Molds R1 Defending: Astro starting: 37 Rampage starting: 37 --------------------------------- Astro ending: 30 Rampage ending: 0 ==================================================== R2 Attacking: Was taking a drink while some retard ran in and scimmed so wasn't ready and we got smoked ===================================================== R3 Pkri: Astro starting: 38 Rampage starting: 38 ---------------------------------------- Astro Ending: 22 Rampage Ending: 0 Gf rampage ty for the prep ASTRO #1 MATCHED BABY!
  7. 15 pandas brutalizing some weird snipe team.
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord After a well fought battle with RAGE in the Sharkbrew Tournament FOE took home the 3-0 to show why FOE are the legends of P2P. Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 17/8 Rage Starting/Ending: 17/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 19/8 Rage Starting/Ending: 19/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 20/11 Rage Starting/Ending: 20/0 ~Utc ~E-boys ~Jordai
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Round 1 Starting: 16-16 Ending: 12-0 Round 2 Starting: 16-16 Ending: 14-0 Round 3 Onslaught Forfeit ~UTC ~E-Boys ~Jens ~Jordai
  10. VS Dates & Times F2P EVENT: December 6th *Friday* TIME: 4:00 PM EST // 9:00 PM GMT P2P EVENT: December 13th *Friday* TIME: 4:00 PM EST // 9:00 PM GMT TEAM USA: https://discord.gg/ujbV2s2 TEAM EU: https://discord.gg/G2mbRDk If you like to be a caller, let us know to be given the rank. We will select 3 callers by doing a poll. All 3 callers shall each receive 5m for each fullout won Extra information: Event will be held in discord, and to participate in this event you need to post your runescape name in the #post-rs-names channel Location: Clan Wars Worlds: TBA F2P Teamcapes: TBA CC: TBA be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page @Member@Veteran@Kingpin
  11. After some missunderstanding about starting times we get the OK signal to just get the challenge anyway vs Rage after a shaky first round etc the sabretooths take it back with a reverse sweep 2-1 Ricke POV Nawe POV
  12. Massed up 32 Pigs for our scheduled F2P Prep vs CD for the Big Flex Tournament. Challenge time was supposed to be at 5:45PM EST, and we gave them until 6 to get 30. Unfortunately they did not meet the pull so we took the win. Thanks for the chance guys, hopefully we can actually fight next time.
  13. Round 1 Brigada 19 BP 19 Brigada 12 BP 0 Round 2 Brigada 18 BP 18 Brigada 15 BP 0 Round 3 Brigada 19 BP 19 Brigada 9 BP 0 Unfortunately, one of the tournament rules was broken by BP: [ NO VENOM OF ANY KIND] which is fine considering to the fact that it's 3-0 win anyway Thx for the action BP
  14. Thanks BP for fighting us! Spiral Leafs Chalu
  15. Today we had schedule a fight with hydra for the robin tournament We thought it was gonna be 20+ vs 20+ but they only brought 15 we ended up winning with 3-0 in a good fight I Get To Fight in The Last Round POV: BP MALLU
  16. Round 1 Brigada 18 TF 18 Brigada 17 TF 0 Round 2 Brigada 19 TF 19 Brigada 18 TF 0 Round 3 Brigada 19 TF 19 Brigada 19 TF 0 Our vidder didnt save the 2nd round for whatever reason. GF TF! Super friendly clan, keep practising
  17. This was for the sharkbrew 15v15 tournament. Thanks for the fight! @Spiral @hash1hybrid
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