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  1. These are just the topics of u getting smacked by RP just in MAY lmaoo
  2. This man really said most Action lmfaoooo don't make me post Discord Screenshots of you massing up for 30minutes for a 12man pull
  3. I wasn't there since Daddy Dlphn had work meetings still that early, but GZ on your second win against RP Guess that makes you 2 - 8 against us lmao
  4. Ah yes, just shows our core quality vs your LPC invites ty ty Respect for replying.. can't say the same about some of your other clanmates 😕
  5. Looking for that same energy y'all had last week... @Datassd0e @auwi @Brock
  6. XLPC is synonymous for Big Wang Wang Panda Gang Today we prep'd Zerg Unit for a 30v30, but unfortunately a lot of RP members had graduation day today.. So RP was only able to pull 27 Shout out to ZU for matching so we didn't have to double log to match R1 - Defending Start: 27 || End: 13 R2 - Attacking Start: 27 || End: 15 R3 - PKRI Start: 28 || End: 9 Ty for prep ZU, another quality clan
  7. lol we don't have plug like that, but i guess
  8. Tired of losing in LPC? Join RP, the #1 XLPC.. At least u can get a Win with us :D 

  9. A quick First to 50 against one of the other top XLPC's at Clan Wars May 19th 2020 Rampage with a close victory Ty for Action Astro, good fight ❤️ [Thx for Vid Freshhhhhh]
  10. I mean, this is just getting embarrassing Terror Leadership First you start a Rivalry you can't finish Then you just camp singles the two times in wildy you've had a trip in the past 8 days... GotDamn If any Terror Member wants to see what it's like to not waste your time on RS.. just DM me ❤️
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