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  1. Doesn’t mean anything to the times at rampage headquarters @ryantheg @kold @sammy @nutsack @every fucking zoom Fagit 


    and special shoutout to envy for closing AAO, most dogshit lpc every lmfao

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    2. Noise


      No problem :)

    3. TheReal


      AAO closed so quick I didn’t even realise it was a rivalry 

    4. Red Vision

      Red Vision

      Warbow shit

  2.  Listening to old fearless team speak audio leaks of Outburst. What a fucking clan we were. Long live @Broxxx@dill @Stewbert@Chalu@stompty @austin @omaha @chris ( @pkeru and Anthony fuck you two tho) @dozin@WarChilds @Fudog

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    2. foxy


      2 bad u tried to go lpc then lost to fs in a prep (badly) and closed in 2 weeks haha xd

    3. Pkeru


      1 hour ago, foxy said:

      2 bad u tried to go lpc then lost to fs in a prep (badly) and closed in 2 weeks haha xd

      We never prep fs in lpc you stupid moron. You idiots closed in a week after we open

    4. Pkeru


      Warbow you're a joke. Dont ever @ my name again

  3. Rampiss will be preppering rage in the coming weeks

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    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      We've been in every scene possible while you've been stuck in xlpc since you started playing rs l0l

    3. Warbow


      You are a confirmed downy. Stop reply to me ty

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      Stay in your wheelchair LOOOOOOOL

  4. Warbow

    friendly Team Zoom Vs FH [3-0] F2P Mini

    2 warbows, 3 wins. Gz zoom
  5. Warbow

    The real reason why Divine Closed..

    Can confirm Ryan is the greatest caller in xlpc ya yeeet @ryantheg your black ass still owes me a photo, don’t kid yourself. Long live rampiss
  6. Warbow

    A Message to all CD Members

    I closed ak 4u with my hcim loooooooool
  7. When a random like Pepsi tried to set up events looooool @nox speak up Asian boy. My pledges math grade is higher than yours. Also Stop begging me to join ape
  8. Warbow

    First nrg, now divine?

    Not gonna happen
  9. Warbow

    Day 2: the bible clears rot

    Kansas, Arkansas, I am confusion
  10. Warbow

    @Damage Control

    Imagine beefing with a revs clan
  11. All talk, no action. Always call a pussy out on their bullshit

  12. Warbow

    Its only a matter of time

    Beat me, then we can play, paki